Here's what we know about Julie Bishop's partner David Panton.


Everyone’s been talking about Julie Bishop this week since the Foreign Minister was in the running to become the second female Prime Minister in Australia’s history, before being eliminated this afternoon.

While there’s so much to love about Australia’s “woman of the people”, our eyes shifted to Julie’s long-term boyfriend David Panton after he threw his support behind her in an interview with The Herald Sun ahead of today’s leadership spill.

The ultimate couple goals. Image via Getty.

“You’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth,” Panton predicted, “by tomorrow at lunch time Julie Bishop will definitely be Prime Minister."

While his prediction didn't become a reality and Scott Morrison is officially the new Prime Minister, Panton's immense support of Julie is admirable.

So, who exactly is David Panton, and where does one find a partner like him?

Here's what we know:

Panton is a 57-year-old entrepreneur from Melbourne, currently living in Manly.

A former pharmacist, The Sydney Morning Herald previously reported that Panton sold his pharmacy business on the Mornington Peninsula about four years ago.

He previously ran a vineyard in Melbourne specialising in Italian wine, which he bought in 1995 with ex-wife Karen Panton, who still runs the winery. It is understood he and Karen, who met as teenagers, split eight years ago.

Panton moved to Sydney in 2014 where he works as a property developer, but he still has ties to the Melbourne health industry.

He has three children from his previous marriage with Karen: Laura, Matthew and Sally.

Julie Bishop, David Panton and his daughters Sally and Laura with Heston Blumenthal. Picture: Instagram.

He attended Melbourne Grammar School, where his eldest son Matthew also attended, and went on to study at Monash University.

While we don't know exactly how he and Julie Bishop met, they were first seen together at the Melbourne Cup in November 2014, before holidaying in Portsea in summer 2015. The couple denied being in a relationship for several months.

Panton accompanied Ms Bishop to New York’s United Nations headquarters in 2015, in what was dubbed “Bring Your Boyfriend to Work Day” by the media.

Julie Bishop previously told the Herald Sun that fitness was important to both of them. “He’s a swimmer, I’m a runner,” she said.

He also lists yoga, boot camp and organic food outlets among his likes.