Julie Bishop's partner makes a searing prediction, proves he's the partner we all deserve.

We normally wouldn’t pay much attention to a property developer’s tip on the outcome of today’s Liberal leadership spill. But when that property developer happens to be the partner one of the three candidates gunning for the gig, well….

David Panton, the long-term boyfriend of current Deputy Leader Julie Bishop, told The Herald Sun on Thursday evening that he knows precisely who will emerge victorious from today’s vote in Canberra.

“You’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth,” Panton said, “by tomorrow at lunch time Julie Bishop will definitely be Prime Minister.”

And that, folks, is the kind of staunchly supportive partner we all deserve in our lives. Make this man our ‘first bloke’, already.

Bishop, a so-far loyal 2IC and Turnbull ally, confirmed late Thursday that she would be putting her hand up to run against Peter Dutton for the party’s/country’s top job, should the former home affairs minister manage to obtain the numbers to challenge the Prime Minister for a second time this week.

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Turnbull declared in a Thursday press conference that he would step aside should he lose the support of the majority of the party this time around; a decision that would pave the way for a three-horse race between Bishop, Dutton and Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Julie Bishop won't be "another man's deputy".

In her pitch to her colleagues overnight, Bishop reportedly declared won’t be “another man’s deputy”, according to The Australian.

Speaking on the record, however, she was a touch more restrained.

“Australians must have confidence that the Government is focused on the daily challenges of their lives and their concerns and their interests,” Bishop told The West Australian.

“I am optimistic about the potential of our people and will commit all my energy and experience to ensure the best years of our nation lie ahead of us.

“As a proud West Australian, I understand the significance that our State brings to the nation’s prosperity.”

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With 20 years in Parliament as the Member for Curtin, key cabinet positions including Minister for Women, for Ageing, for Education and Science, and experience on the world stage as Australia's first female Foreign Minister, Bishop certainly has the credentials.

She's also the first choice of Australian voters. A News Corp online poll placed her ahead of her rivals with 34 per cent of votes, compared to Turnbull's 30 per cent and Peter Dutton's 10, and Morrison's five per cent.

Should the public (and Panton) be right Bishop would become Australia's first female Liberal Prime Minister, and the sixth Prime Minister in under a decade.

But... Some commentators have noted that conservative Queenslander Dutton may be more tempting to nervous Liberals, courtesy of his potential to net crucial marginal seats in his home state.

Stay tuned, folks.