The Purple Wiggle is the Millennial mum's thirst trap. He just announced he's becoming a dad.

Over a year ago, Australians collectively lost their sh*t over John Pearce. 

Of course, because of his career-defining dance skills, his time in one of the country's biggest entertainment troops, and because he's one part of The Wiggles—arguably the biggest children's music group in the world.

But also for another cheeky reason: he is extremely hot. 

And don't worry, John knows that the mums, dads, and even adults sans kids, are part of his fan club.

Watch The Wiggles' adults-only concert. Post continues after video.

Video via YouTube.

Now, his fans have another reason to celebrate. John recently announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

Posting a photo with his wife Jessie, whom he married in 2019, the couple revealed that their baby boy is due to arrive in December.

"It has been a long journey but our beautiful angel has finally been sent to us. We are so full of joy and can’t wait to meet you," he captioned the photo.


Pearce's fellow Wiggles co-stars celebrated the joyful news, leaving their well wishes in the comments below the post.

"Such beautiful souls with the most amazing news!! You two are going to be incredible parents!!! Biggest love and congratulations to you both," wrote Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins.

"The most beautiful news!!!! So excited and happy for you both! Sending you all the love in the world! How lucky will my little girls be to have a little buddy to play with," commented Red Wiggle Caterina Mete.


Even The OG Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, chimed in, writing: "Congrats John and Jess! What wonderful news you are sharing with us!"

The Purple Wiggle joined the child entertainment group in 2021 and over the three years, he's gone viral a fair few times with his grown-up fans, while looking very, very good. 

And while most Australians have been aware since 2011 who exactly John Pearce is (thanks to his stint in Justice Crew), the world has now come to know him as Big Strong John and one-eighth of The Wiggles. Of course, in recent months Big Strong John has taken on a whole other meaning with his newer and much older audience on TikTok...


In one video, he joked about switching from 'Everyday John' to 'John Wiggle' and it racked up four million views in the process. 

The comments were as thirsty as you might imagine, with many reading along the lines of, "My daughter is over The Wiggles but it still plays on my TV often".

And yes, the actual clip is just as sensational as you might have hoped it would be. 

@johnadamopearce Excuse me brah! Everyday John vs John Wiggle 😂 #fyp #excusemebruh #zoolander #thewiggles #2023bride ♬ Excuse me BRUHH - Castro🇭🇹

We first met Big Strong John in 2011 along with a few others—including his brother, Len Pearce—when they tried out for Australia's Got Talent. They were part of the iconic dance and music group Justice Crew that would go on to release several bops including 'Boom Boom', 'Everybody' and 'Que Sera'. 

Together they'd made tracks that played in clubs, at school discos and were blasted on repeat at local shopping centres.

And just in case you forgot how much influence Justice Crew actually had back in the 2010s, let us remind you that they were not only nominated for eight ARIA Music Awards but also got to tour internationally with Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, One Direction, Kesha and Pitbull. 

Justice Crew, 2012. Image: Getty.


We didn't hear much from Big Strong John again until 2021 when it was announced he was one of four new members to join The Wiggles. It was part of a move to diversify the Australian children's group.

And we weren't complaining.

"I’d been thinking about it for the last couple of years and there’s no better time than now," The Wiggles' founding member Anthony Fields said at the time. "Morally we have to do this. I looked around the world and I thought: 'We have to reflect our audience'. Our audience is not just one culture, we want children to see a mirror of themselves. I hope people, mums, and dads as well, will feel included."


Listen to Mamamia Out Loud, hosted by Jessie Stephens, Mia Freedman and Claire Murphy, as they discuss the hot Purple Wiggle. Post continues after audio. 

His return to the spotlight surprised even the most unruffled of us in a big way but it was welcomed warmly. Because there's not much more we love than a man who is humble, good with children and is also Big and Strong™.

If you're wondering if he is aware of the online 'chatter' surrounding him, the answer is... yes. 

"It's really cool, and some of the followers don't even have kids," he joked with NBC News. "And they're saying it's given them a reason to start families because they want to watch The Wiggles, which is all great."

Now that he's gearing up to become a dad, we'll just have to follow along with his TikToks from a polite distance.

This story was originally published on January 21, 2023, and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: The Wiggles/Instagram @johnpearce.

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