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snags March 7, 2024

Your superannuation fund will remember too, so there’s that.

snags October 16, 2023

Futurama ('Jurassic Bark'), Adventure Time ('I Remember You'), and Black Mirror (San Junipero').

snags September 8, 2023

I would gladly be your friend.

snags September 2, 2023

I felt like a Nobel-deserving genius the evening I discovered my backup handbag bronzer could stand in for dry shampoo to quick-fix deslugify my unruly forehead noodles. USB-rechargeable hot tools help too.

Believe me I tried to part ways with my fringe. Grew it out when I had a baby, knowing sensibly that I would not have the time to maintain it. The process was excruciating but finally I had a normal shoulder length hair all the way around. And I hated every second of it, every photo. I wasn’t me. I can’t describe the joy I felt when I stepped out of the salon reunited with my BFF (best forehead friend)… Yeah, it’s labour intensive. Sometimes true loves take work.

snags February 25, 2023

@millie1986 It’s complicated, because the USA system of conservatorship appears to be terrible, with no oversight whatsoever as to the conduct of the conservator or the wellbeing of the person protected.

In Australian with administration and guardianship,  protection orders are typically reviewed every 5 or so years to see if they are appropriate and the accounts of administrators are typically audited annually.

snags February 1, 2023

Someone needs to remind them that tanning culture leads at best to looking like a leather handbag. Worst is of course skin cancer.

snags January 25, 2023

Yuk! People who thirst after Wiggles members are weird AF. Plus, everyone knows Captain Feathersword is the REAL heartthrob!

samantha.james.watson May 4, 2022

I agree wholeheartedly but I think the comparison to unfertilized gametes is a bad analogy - it's apples and oranges. These people care about fertilization. Perhaps better to ask if it's murder to discard unviable embryos after IVF?

samantha.james.watson April 24, 2022

@lucy.f Oh? In what way? I've got flights booked in June so I'm keen to know what to expect. Will be our first time travelling with an 18 month old too - eek!

samantha.james.watson April 19, 2022

Get inspired by an opportunity to oust the most corrupt government since federation.

Both parties are NOT the same.

samantha.james.watson January 25, 2022

@mh78 Respect is earned, not given.