Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. MAFS’ Jess says Dan keeps trying to contact her.

Maybe you thought you’d heard the last of Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power and Dan Webb, but alas, the saga continues.

While Australia was privy to their very messy spat on the final episode of Talking Married, the 26-year-old administration officer says Dan has since made efforts to ‘slide into her DMs’, so to speak.

“Dan and I had our live breakdown on Talking Married, an hour prior we were cooking dinner, saying we loved each other and then that sort of happened,” she told her followers on Instagram Stories.

“But recently, he has been trying to contact me, but we’re not ever going to ever work. It’s never going to happen – I can never trust him, ever.”

Fair enough.

Jessika Power and Dan Webb
Dan was first to confirm his split from Jess.

In the days after their suspected breakup, Dan, 35, told Yahoo Lifestyle he regretted ever "meeting Jess".

“We just spoke and I was just honest with her. I said, ‘Look I don’t think I can continue this. It’s toxic, you’re not being honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with someone if they’re not honest with me,'" he said.

Shortly after, allegations also emerged of Jessika reportedly cheating on him with former MAFS contestant Telv Williams, with Dan confirming the story to Mamamia.

“Telv reached out to me on Instagram to apologise and give me a heads up about Jess cheating on me with him after the final vows (just before Christmas) when we were very much still together,” he said.

However, addressing the rumours for the first time since April on her Instagram Stories, Jess remained adamant that their relationship was faked.

“[Dan] just believed the lies of other people, there was a lie that I slept with Telv, which was not true," she said.

Messy doesn't begin to sum up the situation, but in this case it's probably best to let sleeping dogs lie.

2. Clash of the beauty influencers: Tati Westbrook unleashes on James Charles.

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Image: YouTube.

James Charles is the most famous person you've never heard of.

Currently in Australia on his Sister's Tour, the beauty influencer and entrepreneur is making a number of headlines. But not for anything good. The YouTube star is embroiled in the very public breakdown of his friendship with fellow influencer, Tati Westbrook.

Tati, who boasts over six million subscribers on her YouTube channel, posted a 43-minute video - which has been viewed over five million times in just 24 hours - slamming Charles for his lack of loyalty to her.


You see when he was at Coachella, Charles, who has 16 million subscribers, showed public support for a vitamin company, Sleep Vitamins by SugarBearHair, which is a direct competitor of Tati's own beauty company, Halo Beauty. And such was the catalyst for this 43 minute video by Tati, who explains she once saw herself as a mentor for Charles.

"He had nine days after Coachella to talk to me. He knows where I live, it's not far from him. He could've come face-to-face and chatted with me because he knows that this would hurt me," she explained to the camera. "We've had plenty of in-person conversations that were at length about other influencers doing the same deal and him not liking Sugar Bear Hair and dragging the other people. Being like, 'Tati, I'm on your side.'"

"There’s so much going on with James Charles right now that I do not support, that I do not agree with," she continued. "Fame, power and a fat bank account will change almost anyone.

"If you don’t have people that will tell you to your face that you are doing the wrong things, you will change."


And the video has not been without consequence for the 19-year-old's mega fan base. According to Yahoo Australiathe influencer has lost hundreds of thousands of followers since the video went live.

3. Yes, Jessie J knows her tattoo is spelt incorrectly, thank you very much.


If there is one celebrity we can all count on to keep it real, it's Jessie J.

In a recent Instagram post of the former The Voice Australia host in her bikini, the singer is clarifying for all of her fans that yes, she indeed knows her tattoo is spelt wrong.

Instead of reading "don’t lose who you are", it says "don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars".

"Yes they are MY lyrics from my song 'Who You Are.' Yes that I wrote," she says in the caption of the Instagram post.


"Yes I spelt the tattoo wrong," she continues. "Yes I repeat it’s spelt wrong. Yes I got it done in Essex. Yes the tattoo artist didn’t mention it. Yes I was 18 … Yes It’s the reason I wear everything high waisted."

"Don't @ me," she concludes.

Jessie J, who is dating Channing Tatum, has spoken about the tattoo blunder before on The Graham Norton Show in 2015.

"Not long after I had it done my mum said to me in tears, 'I don't know how to tell you this but it is spelt wrong,'" she recounted.

"I'm not having any more tattoos."

4. The Big Little Lies season 2 trailer is out. And oh look, there’s Meryl Streep.

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Image: HBO.

"Let second grade begin."

The Big Little Lies Season 2 trailer has been released and if there is one thing it has taught us, it's that we should never lie to Meryl Streep.

The trailer shows us a sneak peek of where the series will take the plot line, as the characters navigate the fallout of the murder of Celeste's husband, Perry, in the Season 1 finale.

Meryl Streep plays Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard) mother, Mary-Louise, who in the trailer grills Celeste (Nicole Kidman) about the exact circumstances of her son's death.

"My son is dead, and I want answers," Mary-Louise says to Celeste in the trailer.

"I gave you answers," replied Kidman's character.

"Yes, but you left things out, didn't you?" said Mary Louise. "You were planning to leave him. And you learned of his infidelity just ten seconds before he died."

You can watch the full trailer here...

5. The theory that Meghan Markle named Archie after… a cat.

Excuse us, but there’s a theory going around about why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry called their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

And it has everything to do with a cat that got fat by eating too many grapes.

We’re… listening.

meghan markle prince harry baby
It's actually quite a cute story. Image: Getty.

You see, Meghan Markle once had a cat in her youth that she shared with her mother, Doria Ragland. The furry pet was named Archie.

And now friends of the Duchess of Sussex (Serena, is that you speaking?), have told British tabloid The Sun that this fat cat was indeed the inspiration behind the name of the new member of the Royal Family.

We've explain the whole situation in our earlier article here.