After a tough journey on Bride & Prejudice, Jess and Seyat's marriage is officially over.

They’re the controversial young couple who endured one of the toughest journeys in the lead up to their wedding day on Channel 7’s Bride & Prejudice last year, and now, just months after tying the knot, Jess and Seyat have officially split.

The newlyweds’ greatest obstacle was none other than Seyat’s mother Fatima, who made no secret of the fact that she despised Jess, even calling her son’s bride-to-be a “whore” in the first episode.

In one episode, she even offered Jess $10,000 to call off the wedding and leave her son.

Now, Seyat Abazovski, 20, and Jessica Jones, 21, have ended their relationship.


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Jessica confirmed the news on Instagram Stories this Saturday, sharing an emotional message to fans which said that while she and Seyat are still married, they are “no longer together”.

“So since I’ve been trying to be really quiet about this because it is extremely private and didn’t want to be so public about the whole thing. But everyone keeps commenting on my photos and messaging me asking if Seyat and I are still married or together,” she wrote.

“So I thought I should just let you all know, Seyat and I are still married but we are no longer together. We have separated and as much as I will say as to why, is because we are just too different and want different things out of life which hasn’t exactly realised,” she continued.


It comes after Jess confirmed in an interview in November that – little more than a week from their wedding – the newlyweds were no longer living together.


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The 21-year-old told New Idea she had moved out of Seyat’s family home.

“I’m no longer living at Seyat’s parents’ house with him, I’ve gone back home to my parents,” Jess said.

While she insisted they were still together at the time, she admitted she planned to move from Victoria to Queensland for university, leaving Seyat behind in Melbourne.

Back when they appeared on the reality show, Seyat’s outspoken mother Fatima proved to be one of Australia’s most loathed reality television personalities.

In the first episode, she said her son’s wife-to-be “dresses like a prostitute”, was a “sl*tty party girl”, “wh*re” and also “smells like cats”.

Fatima’s behaviour did not improve as the season progressed, instead she tried everything in her power to stop her son’s wedding from going ahead.

However, much to Fatima’s dismay, Seyat and Jessica managed to make it down the aisle.

“She looked like she was at my funeral or something,” Seyat said of his mother’s conduct at their wedding in an interview with TV Week last year.

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