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"I didn't see it as cheating." Jess and Dan defend their affair on Married at First Sight. 

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It finally happened.

After what felt like approximately 19 weeks (well to Jessika’s husband Mick, at least), Jessika and Dan – who were matched with Mick and Tamara respectively – finally came clean with their ‘affair’ at last night’s final commitment ceremony.

“I came here to find someone,” Jess said on Sunday night’s episode, “and I’ve found that. But it’s not with Mick. It’s with Dan.”

There was shouting, tears and people running out of the room because of said shouting and tears.

Mick, who was held hostage in the experiment for three weeks so Jess could pursue her relationship with Dan, yelled out: “You are the most selfish brat ever, you spoiled b*tch.”

It was… dramatic.

Now, Jess and Dan, who were controversially allowed to re-enter the experiment as a new couple, have spoken about their decision to carry out a secret affair on national TV to only dump their on-screen spouses in what must be the worst possible way.

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Speaking to Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning, Jessika said: “We can accept what we’ve done is not the right way to go about it, but we want everyone to see how happy and in love we are.”

We don’t know if Australia is ready for that, but okay.

It seems Dan had the same thought, chiming in with: “There’s people who have been cheated on in relationships or people who have had marriages fall apart… I can see why viewers get upset. The way we went about things wasn’t good at all, to be honest.”

When asked by Chrissie if what Jess and Dan were doing can really be considered cheating as the couples are paired up by the show, Jessika responded: “In this experiment, I didn’t really see it as cheating because I was never in love with Mick, and Dan was never in love with Tamara.”

Look, we get where you’re coming from Chrissie but if we start questioning whether the very premise of Married at First Sight is real, what are we all doing here then? We believed in those fake vows… at the fake wedding… for a fake marriage.


“Even if [Dan and I] hadn’t met one another, I don’t think Mick and I would have lasted,” Jess added.

“Our attraction was straight away, and I think we’ve proven that you can’t really beat chemistry.”

Jess, however, has conceded that looking back on how all the affair panned out, she was “disgusted” by her own behaviour.

“I was disgusted in myself and I felt horrible,” she told Today Extra this morning.

“Watching it back last night really brought back all of those emotions as well and I was watching… I’m just going, ‘What were you doing Jess? Come on. You’re not this girl. You could have happily left the experiment with Dan and I didn’t.’

Now that the couple have officially been allowed to go public, they’ve also spoken about their plans for the future with Jess revealing in an interview with TV Week that they’ve already said the “L” word and her plans to move from Perth to the Gold Coast to be with Dan. They’ve even talked about children.

As for all the haters and trolls who are sending death threats their way, Jessika and Dan say it doesn’t faze them.

“I don’t really care,” Jess tells TV Week. “With anything we go through, as long as we have each other’s backs, it doesn’t matter. We know what happened and how we feel. That’s all that’s important to us.”

Married at First Sight aired on Channel Nine tonight at 7.30pm.