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"If you like Dan, go for Dan": MAFS' Jessika's extraordinary claim about her affair.


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After what seems like 34534 weeks of us yelling at our screens for Jessika to release her fake TV husband Mick from the captivity that is reality TV marriage hell and cringing whenever Jess and Dan sneak away to make out like high schoolers whose parents have forbid them from seeing each other, Jessika has made an extraordinary claim about her affair.

Apparently both Jess and Dan’s fake TV spouses from Married at First Sight – Mick and Tamara respectively – not only knew about the cheating from the get-go but gave them their blessing.

Right, that makes complete sense…

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After Wednesday night’s episode saw Jess and Dan once again sneak off at the dinner party apparently without anyone noticing, to continue an affair that we thought we saw a month ago (Sam and Ines, remember them?), the most hated woman on MAFS spoke to Nine’s Talking Married to explain herself.

The 27-year-old told the panel: “Throughout the affair there was offers on the table from Tamara that if I wanted Dan, to have Dan.”


She also maintained that Mick told Dan something very similar.

“There was also offers from Mick, if you want Jess, have her,” she added.

That doesn’t sound… true… at all. But sure.

jess and dan mafs
We cannot keep watching this. Pls, stop. Image: Channel Nine

It's why Jessika is so bloody puzzled that Tamara and Mick have now said some very unkind things about her relationship with Dan.

Because at the girls' night out, Jess distinctly remembers Tamara giving her permission to pursue Dan.

“So at the girls’ night Tamara said, ‘You like my husband, if you like Dan, go for Dan’,” Jess said.

"I cheersed her,” she added, “I’m not too sure why she’s upset now.”

As to why we haven't seen Mick and Tamara's blessing - well, you can blame those pesky MAFS' producers.

“These are things we’re not seeing at the minute,” Jess told the Talking Married panel.

We can only hope it all comes out at the MAFS reunion special, where there's a rumoured glassing... involving Cyrell, of course.

Despite the illicit start of their relationship, it seems that Jess and Dan's relationship has made it into the real world.

There's overwhelming evidence that appears to prove that the pair are still together today.

There have been multiple sightings of the couple together IRL - and Jessika has alluded to the fact that she's moving to the Gold Coast, indicating that she had 100 per cent moved there to be with Dan, whose four-year-old son lives on the Gold Coast.