Jennifer Hawkins explains why she stayed silent amid 'feud' rumours with Elyse Knowles.

After news broke of Jennifer Hawkins leaving Myer, there were rumours of a feud between her and newcomer, Elyse Knowles… Because, it seems, we live in a world that would rather see women pitted against each other.

Two weeks ago Fairfax Media reported Hawkins, 34, chose to leave the department store due to salary negotiation breakdowns, but then was “infuriated” by Knowles’ ambassadorship. The publisher claimed Knowles signed onto the brand for $150,000 – an eighth of Hawkins’ $1.3 million annual fee.

However, with neither party commenting or denying ‘the feud’, speculation continued to swirl.

Now, speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, the former Miss Universe explained her apparent ‘silence’.

“I was overseas [when the story about her leaving broke], I never knew about that speculation … and that’s fine, that happens,” she said, referring to her Maldives trip.

“People know what I am like and I would never do that intentionally, make drama with someone coming in. If anything, I would boost them up, particularly a young woman … but that’s probably boring for the papers, so I get it. I get it.”

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Making her final walk down the runway on Thursday night alongside fellow ambassadors Knowles and Rachael Finch, Hawkins reiterated her admiration for the brand and said it was the “right time” to leave.

“There’s more in life than being top dog and business and drama, it’s how you treat people. It’s been a beautiful chapter but it’s the right time [to go]. Imagine if I was here at 85, with a walking stick!” she said.

“It’s been a crazy ride. It wasn’t relief [to announce the departure], it was more reflection. This emotion came over me – I am just really grateful.”


However, just because she’s no longer working for Myer, doesn’t mean Hawkins won’t be keeping busy.

She has an estimated worth of over $10 million and counts her swimwear line, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins, her tanning range Jbronze and brand ambassadorships with Mount Franklin and Colgate as just some of the projects she can now devote her time to.