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The post-it notes Jen Aniston apparently kept from Brad Pitt that led to her latest split.

Last week, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux revealed they were going their separate ways after two-and-a-half years of marriage.

In their statement, released jointly to website Just Jared, the pair said the split was “mutual and lovingly made” late last year.

“We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship,” they said.

“Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly.

“Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.”

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their split last week. Image via Getty.

Despite their plea for privacy and for the world to not speculate about what caused their split,  the gossip cycle began within hours of their breakup going public.

Sources 'close to the couple' revealed the pair "fell in love hard and fast" in 2011 but were "never really suited to each other". Others said they'd been living apart for almost a year before their split, and they couldn't agree on which city - Los Angeles or New York - to settle down in.

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Now, one of the more bizarre split stories is claiming that Justin stumbled upon a collection of "love post-it notes" Jen had kept from her seven-year relationship with actor Brad Pitt.

According to Us Weekly, a source said the love notes contained such messages as "You looked nice tonight" and "Miss you already".

"Jen assured him they weren't a big deal, but Justin wasn't thrilled," the source told the tabloid magazine.

"Justin had moments of insecurity like that."

This 'insecurity', despite the fact that for most of their relationship, Brad was married to fellow actress Angelina Jolie, who he famously left Jen for in 2005, was apparently a major cause of Justin and Jen's divorce.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Image via Getty.

Of course, like all celebrity stories that come from the mouths of 'sources', this one should be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since it coincidentally points to a possible reconciliation between the early noughties' favourite couple, something that, to put bluntly, is one of the most ridiculous suggestions we've ever heard.

And yes, while another "source" told PEOPLE Magazine last week a reunion between the pair was "unlikely", this is one side of the story we're more than happy to believe.

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt 2004
No, they're never, ever, ever getting back together. Image via Getty.

"They haven't seen each other in ages," a friend of the former couple said.

"For well over a decade now they have lived totally separate lives and so not surprisingly, they have become totally different people than who they once were when they were together.

"They broke up, and they did it because they had serious issues. They're not stupid. They remember why it didn't work."

So excuse us if we don't believe for a single second Jen kept an old shoebox full of mementos and love notes from her ex-husband while trying to make a new marriage work.

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