Why is everyone suddenly talking about 'jawline slimming'?

Practically everyone who has a face is talking about 'snatched jawlines' — it's a phrase that's popping up everywhere on social media. 

Just search the hashtag #snatchedjawline or #jawlineslimming on TikTok and you'll find it literally has hundreds of millions of views, where people are promoting everything from exercises to treatments and products for those in search of nabbing a tight, sharp jawline.

For example, there's that viral trend called 'mewing' (the practice of lifting your tongue to the roof of your mouth so your face looks more defined). There's chin lift masks that promise to smooth and lift your jawline. There's micro-current devices that claim to 'lift' and 'sculpt' your muscles. There's even face yoga techniques, jade rollers and Gua Sha tools, 'special' chewing gum, exercise balls — you name it.

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The market is positively bursting with all sorts of gimmicky tools, products and techniques (of course, most of which don't work) for your jaw. It's just another area of beauty that has absolutely exploded.

Now, cosmetic experts are reporting a surge in patients requesting a non-surgical injectables treatment called masseter injections — anti-wrinkle injections into the jaw — in search of slimmer, more defined jawlines. 


Dubbed 'jawline tox' on social media, the treatment promises a tighter, contoured jawline.

So, what exactly are 'jawline slimming' injections and why have they become so popular?

What are masseter injections?

'Masseter injections' is a phrase used to describe the use of anti-wrinkle injections into a specific muscle in the lower jaw (it connects your cheekbone to your lower jawbone), used for chewing. The treatment was primarily used to reduce teeth grinding, jaw pain, and jaw clenching — but in recent times has been used for its aesthetic side effects.

"Masseter injections in dentistry is used to reduce the size and strength of the masseter muscles," explained cosmetic dentist Dr Aodhan Docherty from About Smiles. 

"The primary use is not for aesthetic purposes, but functional purposes. The functional purposes are basically to reduce the amount of pressure on the teeth, so there's less damage to the teeth. It may be used to treat those who have conditions such as TMJ or bruxism (teeth grinding).

"From a dental point of view, I only promote the use of masseter injectables for those who are good candidates for reducing the pressure and pain of grinding and clenching, especially those who aren't great at wearing their night guard — a splint that's used to protect the teeth from the impact of grinding. When those who have a mouth guard still experience symptoms from the muscles and still experience a lot of clenching and grinding, we recommend injectables for release and to reduce the amount of pain and wear on the teeth."


While it's not necessarily a new procedure, the non-surgical treatment has now surged in popularity, particularly when it comes to the noticeable slimming effect for the lower face.

As Dr Josh Wall from Contour Clinics told Mamamia, the treatment has become one of the most popular requests from patients — and for good reason.

"I think it’s largely due to the fact that we see ourselves on screens so much more these days, and we have increased awareness of how we present physically," he shared. 

"It’s a common concern to have some heaviness in the lower face, especially as we age, as the skin loses its support structure."

What's involved in the procedure?

As Dr Wall told Mamamia, the jawline slimming treatment is usually a quick procedure that requires a few injections into the masseter muscle.

"We do a small number of precise, strategically-placed injections into the muscle, which is over in seconds," he said. "It’s a very fast and relatively comfortable procedure. In the week following your treatment you’ll likely notice a visual result as the anti-wrinkle takes effect. As the muscle is temporarily atrophied, this gives the surrounding bulk a chance to shrink. "

When it comes to results, Dr Wall said you’ll see the full result of your treatment within about two weeks, "by which time the muscle bulk will have noticeably dissipated."

Why has it become such a popular treatment? 

Fuelled by a noticeable shift from the infamous 'Instagram Face' (a term coined by The New York Times) — plump, pillowy lips, full, puffy cheeks and smooth under eyes — the jawline slimming trend may signal the birth of a 'new look'.

Part of this, experts are saying, can be seen as a reaction to overuse of filler in cheeks and lips and the move towards a 'less is more' approach when it comes to the use of injectable treatments. 


And it's a trend that's already on the faces of almost every celebrity you follow. Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Florence Pugh, Jenna Ortega — the list goes on. 

Slimmer features. Defined jawlines. Structured cheekbones. That 'snatched' look you get when you pull your hair up into a tight ponytail. Except... all the time. 

As Dr Wall explained, part of the appeal is the non-surgical aspect and the fact that aesthetic results are gradual and non-jarring in comparison to other treatments like filler.


"We find that patients do prefer to seek a non-surgical option if there is one, and changing facial contours without surgery is a huge plus for many people seeking cosmetic enhancement," Dr Wall said.

"Reducing bulk in the jaw area helps to regain that youthful, heart-shaped ‘triangle of youth’ by narrowing the width of the lower face and helping to reduce a heavy appearance." 

"You may be surprised to find that the heaviness of your lower face is actually due to muscle bulk and not necessarily just fat. There are also patients who are genetically predisposed to having a face shape with a wide jawline, and these candidates are delighted to find they can change the shape of their face without surgery."

As with all cosmetic treatments, jawline slimming is not a one-size-fits all procedure — you're going to want to make sure you do your research and have a thorough consultation to see if it's the right procedure for you, particularly if you're having it for aesthetic purposes.

As Dr Docherty stresses, "Just keep in mind that the overuse of anti-wrinkle injections in the masseter muscle can cause atrophy and weakening of the muscles, which may impact basic function such as chewing."

Meaning? As always, do your research and consult a qualified professional before undergoing any kind of treatment. 

What are your thoughts on the trend? Would you try it? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: TikTok/@grincesslera, Instagram/@baileysbotox.

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