"What's coronavirus?" Jane Kennedy had an accident at home, and woke up with memory loss.

When she woke up in Melbourne’s The Alfred hospital this week, Jane Kennedy had no idea how she’d got there.

The Triple M radio host and sometimes-Have You Been Paying Attention host has been absent from her drive-time radio show with Mick Molloy since Monday, explaining she had been in hospital following a nasty fall from a tree on Monday.

Calling in to her Kennedy-Molloy show on Thursday, the mother-of-five explained she had no recollection of falling and hitting her head.

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She said she found a wildlife camera with night vision while spring cleaning, and fell when trying to fit it in a tree in the rain while wearing her Ugg boots.

“I’ve got the night vision wildlife camera in my hand, and the next minute, I woke up with a rather concerned Rob Stitch [her husband] next to me in the trauma unit of the Alfred Hospital,” she said on the radio.

“Apparently I’ve fallen, hit my head on the concrete and my lower back, and I’ve got post-traumatic amnesia, which thankfully has recovered.

“What happened was I’ve fallen and I’ve blacked out, I have to this day no memory of how I got to the hospital.”


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Hi I’ve been off work since Monday from @kennedymolloy …I went to put a Wildlife camera on a tree outside … (as you do ???? ???? ????) …it was raining and I slipped on wet hard tile steps (wearing uggs ???????? ????????) and knocked myself out. Woke up in Trauma Unit of @thealfredhospital with no memory of what happened ???? Fractured my sacrum and have a nuchal ligament tear and a lump on my skull so wearing a brace for a few weeks. Huge thanks to @thealfredhospital staff from all the nurses to doctors to Orthotists to MRI crew. Thanks to @ambulancevic for transporting me. Wish I could remember the trip ! ???? Feeling sore and sorry for myself…So grateful it could have been much worse ????Thank you to my beautiful family and mates for all the food and flowers and thanks to @mickmolloy66 and our team for holding the fort !! Be back on Monday before Mick drives the show completely off the rails ????

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At first, she also couldn’t remember the current state of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My five kids were all home hovering over me and I was curled up like a strange cat on the stairs and I was talking gibberish saying, ‘Why are you all home from school?‘,” Kennedy said.

“They said, ‘mum because of lockdown, coronavirus’ and I go, ‘what’s coronavirus?'”

Kennedy’s children then called an ambulance which took her to hospital, where she later woke up in the trauma unit with her husband.

Thankfully, she has since been released from hospital and has gained back her memory, but is still recovering from a buckle fracture at home.

She also has a nuchal ligament tear and is required to wear a neck brace.

Overall, Kennedy said she was doing well and was likely to return to the radio from her home studio on Monday.

“I’m okay, I’m really sore, and I got a bit of a fright mainly because of losing my memory.”

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