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Jake Ellis exposed the reality behind Megan Marx's sweet Instagram post a week on.

Around time last week, Megan Marx posted a very romantic-looking photo with her Bachelor in Paradise beau Jake Ellis.

In front of Sydney Harbour and a stunning sunset, they stood, smiling, noses rubbing – it was the perfect image of two people looking adorably in love.


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Sorry for all the Jake spam but he’s so FKN handsome, I can’t help myself ????????‍♀️

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And now, a week on, Jake has exposed the lengths his poor girlfriend had to go through to get that perfect shot – and oh, how we relate.


In Jake’s Instagram post, which according to his caption is what he decided to do when the photographer asked him to “act natural”, he’s cheekily groping Megan’s breast.


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They said ‘Act Natural’ – nailed it. ???????? #mymainsqueeze #sydney @megan.leto.marx

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Anyone who has ever tried to get a boyfriend to take just one nice photo – like Jessie Stephens – will relate to the struggle that is getting them to just smile at the camera, nicely, please.


This isn’t the first time Jake has derailed his girlfriend’s attempts to put forward an image of perfection.

In December, the 32-year-old gave us a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how Megan takes her selfies.

His Instagram video showed the 29-year-old on the floor a bathroom, practically hugging the toilet in order to take advantage of the natural light coming through the bathroom window.

Megan Marx taking selfie on bathroom floor
Image: Instagram.

Decidedly unglamorous.

But from the image Megan posted, you'd never know.


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It's another reminder to us all to take everything we see on the social media platform with a grain big ol' spoonful of salt.