Just 18 things Alan Jones has said that are far worse than Jacinda Ardern calling him a 'git'.

Someone at Sky News had a fun job yesterday, scrolling through the social media of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for any hint of scandal.

They scrolled. And they scrolled. And they scrolled.

Finally, once reaching her tweets from 2012 – about 14 Australian PMs ago and the same year a tribunal ruled Alan Jones incited the Cronulla riots – we imagine they fistpumped.

Alan Jones on whether he has ‘a problem with women’… Post continues below video.

Video by Nine News

The unnamed staff member got to typing, between high fives from their colleagues, and not long after, Sky News published an “EXCLUSIVE”.

Sky News has unearthed a personal attack – launched by Jacinda Ardern – against Alan Jones in a 2012 tweet where she referred to the broadcaster as a ‘git’ and claimed he was ‘intensely disliked’,” it read.


Now, ‘git’ is perhaps the mildest insult we can imagine and Alan Jones has a history of saying things that are much, much worse. Like… daily.

In fact, Ardern’s tweet came the day after Jones was condemned for saying that Julia Gillard’s father had “died of shame” because of her political “lies”.

To prove our point all we had to do was Google ‘Alan Jones quotes’, which led us to create this list of actual sentences that came from his mouth:

To her credit, Ardern refused to give any attention to the Sky News report.

“Of late, you’ll have seen that I have not been offering up thoughts or opinions on the issue of Alan Jones and I don’t intend to now,” she told media on Tuesday.

The whole thing turned out to be a bit of an own goal for Sky. Maybe next time they’ll have more luck focusing on the real ‘personal attacks’ coming out of the mouth of their commentator.