"A few backhanders." New audio reveals more of Alan Jones' attack of Jacinda Ardern.

As Macquarie Media bunkers down and tries to protect its fleeing advertisers off the back of misogynistic commentary by their star jock Alan Jones, more details of the radio veteran’s rant have been leaked.

Jones took to his breakfast radio program on August 15 to discuss the recent climate change talks in the Pacific Islands.

In response to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s criticism of Australia’s policies not doing enough, Jones labelled her a “complete clown” before suggesting that our Prime Minister Scott Morrison “shove a sock down her throat”.

Jones speaking to Israel Folau after his homophobic commentary. Post continues after video.

Video by SKY

“She is a joke, this woman; an absolute and utter lightweight,” he added.

But some of the segment was never publicly picked up, and last night ABC’s Media Watch play Jones’ speech in full.

“This lightweight New Zealand Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern is challenging Scott Morrison over climate change. Now I hope Scott Morrison gets tough here with a few backhanders … hasn’t got a clue this woman,” the audibly angry 78-year-old can be heard saying.

It’s the first time the “backhand” comment has been heard by most of Australia.

The latest revelation comes amidst a mass exodus of advertisers from Jones’ show including; Anytime Fitness, ME Bank, Bing Lee, RSL Art Union, Amart, Mercedez Benz, Snooze, Koala, Bunnings, Total Tools and BIG W.


There’s been widespread condemnation of Jones’ comments, with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pointing out on Radio National he has a pattern of potentially violent comments towards women, including Julia Gillard, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“He is an appalling misogynist in the way he talks about women. This is the man who said that Julia Gillard should be put in a chaff bag and dropped off the Heads,” he told the radio show.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the comments “very disappointing” and “way out of line”.

“I have two daughters so you can expect that’s how I would feel personally about it,” he said.

After the backlash Jones doubled-down on the comments and tried to clarify what he meant.

“What I meant to say was that Scott Morrison should tell Ms Ardern to ‘put a sock in it’. Of course I would not wish any harm to Jacinda Ardern. This wilful misinterpretation distracts from my point that she was wrong about climate change.”


But he soon conceded he was in the wrong, making a surprise appearance on 2GB shortly before 6pm to admit fault.

“I was wrong, and I apologise. When these things happen, you’ve just got to man up, pivot, face it and apologise for it,” he told 2GB radio.

“We don’t want that sort of offence to be given in 2019. I accept it’s careless. I accept it’s wrong.”

Russell Tate, the chairman of Macquarie Media Limited, which owns 2GB, has warned Jones if he behaves the same way again, he’ll be sacked.

“Notwithstanding his apologies, I have today discussed the matter with Alan and advised him that any recurrence of commentary of this nature will result in the termination of his contract,” wrote Tate in a statement.

Ardern initially brushed off the story, refusing to make comment on the matter.

“I don’t know that I’m going to give that the light of day, that comment. I think I’ll just leave it where it is,” she told reporters in the Pacific Islands.

However, since the “backhand” comments have come to light, Ardern has directly addressed Jones’ comments.

“Revenge is best served through a Bledisloe Cup,” she told The AM Show in New Zealand.

“I have tried very hard, specifically on this Alan Jones comment, you won’t find me having particularly reacted or responded. I don’t have an opinion on every single person that says something about me, particularly given this is an Australian commentator. We have enough of our own to occupy my time,” she added.


But back home, the incident is dominating public debate with a petition to sack Jones from his number one rating breakfast show fast gaining momentum with more than 73,000 signatures.

As always, there are people for and against Jones’ behaviour.


Jones is no stranger to controversy and it’s never seen him sacked before.

In 2012, he said that the then-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s late father “died of shame” over his daughter telling lies. He has also been accused for inciting hatred on his radio show in the lead up to the Cronulla riots in 2005.

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