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Just everything you need to know about the newest Yummy Mummy, Iva Marra.

Season two of Yummy Mummies has just dropped on Netflix, and much like the first season, it’s still filled with wealthy women, champagne, designer clothes, expensive cars, and diamonds. And of course, three of the original Yummy Mummies, Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, and Rachel Watts.

But this season, the very glam Maria Di Geronimo has been replaced by someone even more extra than she was. Who would have thought that was even possible?

The new Yummy Mummy is Iva Marra; she’s bold, brave and very direct. She refers to herself as a “diva”. She’s responsible for season two being ‘spicier’ than the first (read, there is a lot of sex talk).

Iva is happy to talk about “libido-enhancing oysters”, mention “threesomes”, and ask which of the Mummies has watched porn.

Mamamia talks to Yummy Mummy Rachel Watts on season 1 of the show. Post continues below. 

She also proudly declares in one episode that her husband wouldn’t leave her because “my pussy’s made of gold.”

And, just FYI, there’s also mention of a cucumber at one point… and an uttering of the brilliant word “root”.

Okay, so Iva is not lacking in confidence – we’ve learned that much. Here’s everything else we know about her.

Iva, an IT professional in her mid-thirties from Melbourne, was introduced to the mums because Jane’s husband Joey was her hairdresser.

She is married to Steven Joe Marra; together for 14 years, and married for five. There’s not much known about what Steven does as a profession.


When we first meet Iva on the show, she’s pregnant with ‘baby Milana’ – named after the city, Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. Because, of course, Iva is fashion-obsessed.

Iva has previously shared that she had an ectopic pregnancy before she had Milana. She’s now a mother of two, having given birth to Stefan on September 8 this year.


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Iva has 183,000 followers on Instagram, who are regularly treated to shots of her glamorous life attending glamorous events like the Melbourne Cup, and doing glamorous shopping at Chanel.

But Iva is not afraid to go make-up free at times, and show candid, unfiltered moments of life as a mother-of-two.

For example, she’s posted photos of her surgery scar, herself breastfeeding and pumping, and sweet moments with her mum (who had brain cancer last year).

Iva is not afraid of a casual bathroom selfie… and show that her husband is not afraid to use ‘sign language’ in photos.


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Iva’s mother’s major health issues over the last few years have motivated her to become an advocate for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

This week, in an Instagram post, Iva revealed that both her mother and father-in-law are suffering from cancer and are in palliative care.

Last year, Iva wrote:

“The past few years have been so hard for our family.

“We’ve learnt so much about this disease in such a small amount of time, and the one thing I am sure of is that it’s time we found a cure.

“If anyone else is out there reading my story and going through a similar thing, no matter how bad things get, there is always hope.

“Keep fighting, live, laugh and love every moment.”

Judging by her spirit on Yummy Mummies, and the energy she brings to the show, Iva is doing just that.