The awkward question everyone's asking about Yummy Mummies.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume we’re not the only ones who have been left with more questions than we can count after watching Channel Seven’s latest offering, Yummy Mummies. 

Since when do people get jealous of other people on Instagram, so invite them to their baby shower?

Who seriously considers buying a $99,000 push present?

Why would Versace themed anything be a good idea?

Described as maybe the last thing we need as women in 2017, so much about this show just doesn’t add up.

Yummy Mummies is a whole other level of absurdity.

Like when Maria arrived to her completely OTT baby shower in a HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGE. IN ADELAIDE. Complete with a balloon featuring an image of her’s sonogram.

But srsly, Y? (Image: Supplied)

Or how her unborn fetus is possibly the luckiest fetus on the planet, with already more designer clothes (or, you know, regular clothes) than the ENTIRE Mamamia office put together. Including a Burberry snowsuit. We repeat, IN ADELAIDE.

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But surely the most ridiculous thing we've seen so far is Maria's push present from hubby Carlos, who led her into a room containing $15,000 worth of Versace accessories - including a monogrammed travel bag and giant gold necklace...


Yes, we know Maria "collects money". And that her husband owns a barber shop, which by all accounts is going very, VERY well.

But there's one question everyone's asking.

...where is Maria getting all that money from?

**crickets chirping**

According to the show, she doesn't work. And if the average haircut in Adelaide comes in somewhere between $70 - 180, that's a whooooole lotta haircuts rolled up in that money bouquet... just sayin'.

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Regardless of where the money is coming from (which is ~ none ~ of our business), looks like we chose the wrong profession.

A bouquet of money really would be a handy gift.

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