Watching Yummy Mummies on Netflix? Here's where Maria, Rachel, Jane and Lorinska are now.

Season One of Yummy Mummies is streaming on Netflix, and if you didn’t catch when it first aired on Channel 7 in 2017, here’s the official description:

“Expectant mothers with model looks and lavish lifestyles pull out all the stops to prepare for their new arrivals”…but it is so much more than that.

There’s Maria Di Geronimo in Adelaide, who’s as Posh Spice as you can get – without actually being Victoria Beckham. Then there’s old friends Rachel Watts, Lorinska Merrington, and Jane Scandizzo in Melbourne, who are actually a small mums’ tribe.

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But more importantly than any of that, there’s ridiculous wealth, doting mothers, hard-working husbands, and Range Rovers as push presents. Isn’t that what being pregnant is about, after all?

All women are due within a few weeks of each other, and the show follows their (at times, competitive) friendship as they navigate the journey to become new mums.

You can catch Season 2 of Yummy Mummies on  7Plus, but what have the Yummy Mummies been up to since then?

Jane Scandizzo

Jane Scandizzo is a former a model, and married to highly acclaimed hairdresser-to-the-stars and entrepreneur, Joey Scandizzo. She’s a mum, who was already mum to two-year-old Jagger during Season One.

On the show, she gave birth to Jensen – and in January of this year, she had Juke Christopher – taking her family to a total of five.

And yes, they’re all Js.


Lorinska Merrington.

Her Instagram description says Lorinska Merrington is a TV/media personality, a former traffic reporter, and mother to Lady Penelope – whom she had in Season One.

But Lorinksa is also a former primary school teacher – and expecting baby number two. She’s still happily married to Andrew Merrington, a partner in a successful finance company and former AFL player.


Looking at Lorinska’s Instagram, it also seems that her shiny life hasn’t changed much, either.


Maria Di Geronimo.

Perhaps the mum who’s changed the most is Maria Di Geronimo. Yes, she still has a penchant for designer, well, everything. But now, she’s more interested in spoiling her daughter, Valentina, than spoiling herself.

Her Instagram description says, “You will never look back on life and think “I spent too much time with my kids”; which is quite a meaningful thing for the usually flippant Maria to say.

Last year, Maria separated from her fiancé and baby daddy, Carlos Vannini.

“I believe everything happens for a reason. Carlos and I are maintaining a friendship for our Princess Valentina and we are very conscious of her feelings through this time,” she told Perth Now’s Confidential in October.

However, it seems that Maria and Carlos have reconciled in recent months.



Rachel Watts

Perhaps the most down to Earth of the Mummies is Rachel Watts, who had Harvey during Season One, and is married to Jayson Watts, a partner of a successful real estate agency in Melbourne.

Rachel describes herself as a wife, mother and “fashion lover” on Netflix. She gave birth to Harry in October 2018.


Yummy Mummies Season 2.

If Season One’s not enough for you on Netflix, the 7Plus website says “The Yummy Mummies are back! Follow these glamorous Aussie mums as they attempt to outdo each other with their fashion, extravagant spending habits, and most of all, their babies.”



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