No bras and so much regrowth: 30 photos that show what isolation looks like when you CBF.

Now we’re all living in isolation, the idea of self care sounds pretty lovely.

Give yourself a facial. Learn to bake sourdough and do gel manicures at home. Take up an online course. Teach your kids a foreign language. De-clutter your entire house. Organise your wardrobe by colour.

In theory, all excellent and productive ideas. But in our new normal, there are also times (OK, it’s almost all of the time) when we really just can’t be f*cked.

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Like our nails. Yes, we know we should be soaking them in acetone to gently remove our months-old SNS and shellac manicures, but what’s more likely is picking them off, leaving a trail of nail polish chips all over the house.


And re-growth? Could try an at-home box dye. Could also just… not.

Washing also lives on the floor now and an Easter egg is a perfectly acceptable breakfast option. And don’t even get us started on the ugly genius of sock and sandals.

Just for fun, here are 30 photos from Mamamia staffers and readers that are the epitome of not caring in isolation. Consider it your visual representation of the clusterf*ck that is 2020.

This jumper should have been thrown out 15 years ago. Image: Supplied.
Yep. How's your 2020 going? Image: Supplied.
When you're biting your nails until they bleed. Image: Supplied.
I’m working under the assumption you can’t see grease, regrowth and crazy eyebrows on video calls. Image: Supplied.
My nose piercing has closed over on one side and I've tried twice re-piercing it... Image: Supplied.
This where my clothes live now. Image: Supplied.
I’ve dubbed this the “COVID19 ISO play room”. Image: Supplied.
MY BROWS ARE NOT OK. I'm Jacob from Twilight. Image: Supplied.
Socks and sandals have never been more relevant. Image: Supplied.
PJs. No bra. Going out to get Red Rooster for lunch. Image: Supplied.
This is where clothes come to die. Image: Supplied.
How about a pedicure that’s half-grown out but I CBF removing the remaining polish. Image: Supplied.
SO PRETTY. Image: Supplied.
My entire wardrobe RN. Image: Supplied.
I'm painting my nails most days but also I seem to have transitioned to painting my hands too. Image: Supplied.
I just don't even care at this point. Image: Supplied.
No make up, no bra and about three single lash extensions hanging in there. Image: Supplied.
I call this an #IsoBun. Image: Supplied.
The saddest work outfit there ever was. Complete with ironing board for office decoration. Image: Supplied.
My nails look really nice. Image: Supplied.
My work attire and my lunch for today. Don’t even know what day it is anymore. Image: Supplied.
An artwork. Image: Supplied.
How gorgeous is my regrowth, right? Image: Supplied.
I got bored and dyed my fringe and my hairdresser is going to kill me. Image: Supplied.
Greasy hair, no makeup and I’m hiding from my kids in the pantry for two seconds of peace. Image: Supplied.
No more nails, I no longer wear a bra, I could plait my leg hairs and I think I will partake in Movember a few months early. Image: Supplied.
SO CUTE. Image: Supplied.
This is my outfit, complete with uggs and hair that hasn't been washed in days. Image: Supplied.
The Harry Styles jumper I’ve worn for five days straight. (I think having freshly washed hair balances the grossness out a bit though.) Image: Supplied.

Feature image: Supplied.

What does isolation look like for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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