"My son walked me down the aisle." Isabelle Silbery on the most intimate moments of her wedding.

One part of the Gogglebox Australia trio with her mum Kerry and nana Emmie, Isabelle Silbery has become a fixture on our screens, with audiences loving her candid nature and quick-witted humour.

And this week, Isabelle married her fiancé Alex Richards in an intimate ceremony in Sorrento, Victoria. 

The wedding had many of us captivated from the snippets documented on Instagram, especially Isabelle's two fabulous dresses. But, to get a behind-the-scenes understanding of what the wedding planning was like, the wish for her son to be involved in the big day, and all the other special details, Isabelle was kind to share all with Mamamia.

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After a few weeks of chatting on Instagram, Isabelle felt a connection with Alex. They had both just recently been through a breakup and were relaying their experiences first as friends and confidants before a romantic connection formed. And just like many couples in these COVID-normal times, Isabelle and Alex got to know one another best while isolating together amid Melbourne lockdowns. 

"It was like an experiment, MAFS almost. We could not leave the house. We were in trackies on the couch, binged Netflix, cooked, drank wine and danced to John Course. We spent hours chatting and instantly bonded. It was a fast tracked relationship and one month felt like six as we were literally stuck together in a house!" Isabelle recalled. 


For Isabelle, she knew he was her person as soon as she introduced him to her son. 

She said to Mamamia: "They bonded immediately, and he was so good with him. Just getting through lockdown, homeschooling and the day-to-day domestics - all while falling in love - consolidated it for me."

So six months into the relationship, Alex proposed - while the pair were watching The Bachelor!

"It was fitting that he proposed on the couch, however I didn’t know what was going on and asked him to shhhhhh as it was the middle of the show! When I saw him take off his own ring which his parents had given him for his 18th and take my hand, I realised. I screamed YES and of course started crying."


As expected, COVID became quite the hurdle when it came to wedding planning. Isabelle and Alex ended up changing the date of their big day three times, and were even feeling nervous about their confirmed wedding date given the impact of interstate and overseas border restrictions

But for Isabelle personally, "planning our wedding was far from stressful - it was refreshingly enjoyable", the couple deciding to outsource some of the challenging admin and vision ideas to The Big Group hospitality agency. 

As for what they were looking for in a wedding day, for Isabelle and Alex it was all about keeping things simple and naturally beautiful.

"We wanted to embrace the natural surroundings of Alex’s family house that’s been in the family for generations down on the back beach of Sorrento, Victoria. FlowerJar were just brilliant. They foraged on the property for native fauna. We also chose Sarah & Sebastian to design our wedding rings as they are an Australian made and owned company who are strong supporters of the Australian Marine Conservation Society which we loved," Isabelle shared.


Image: The White Tree Creative.  It was also a mutual friend of the couple's that set them up together, Georgia Love, who facilitated the ceremony in conjunction with friend Bridgette Kelly from Love is Love Celebrants. Surrounding trees were lit up "like Alice in Wonderland", and pontoon lights led down to a grand marquee on the lawn. Photography was by The White Tree Creative

Ultimately, the theme for the entire wedding was #festivaloflove. And what a festival of love it really was. 


"We wanted the people in our lives all together in one place to celebrate. I think because of so many relentless lockdowns, everyone was ready for a party, and they were in great form. There was so much love in the room. It was electric."

Image: The White Tree Creative.  Isabelle and Alex were fortunate to have most of their guest list be able to attend the big day. Isabelle's fellow Goggleboxers from Gogglebox Australia were in attendance, people who she describes are "like family".  


Although some were sadly unable to attend. "Unfortunately COVID did take away our beloved Anastasia from Gogglebox who is very sick and we really missed her. Angie Kent was also missed as she was recovering from surgery. Also one of our MCs Talith didn't want to take the risk of travelling from QLD due to the ongoing craziness with different rules for different states!"

As for the bridal party and other wedding traditions, Isabelle chose to keep things intimate. 

"My mum has always been one to allow and encourage me to always 'do what you want despite what society thinks you should do'. So we felt comfortable embracing some of the traditional wedding components like a bridal party and veil and ditching what didn't align with us like a cake, long speeches and a sit down formal meal."


Of course, Gogglebox viewers also absolutely adore Isabelle's mum Kerry and her nana Emmie. And it was lovely to hear how the two had special parts to play in the wedding. 

"Both mum and Emmie came and got ready with my bridesmaids in the morning. We felt so lucky to have Emmie be a part of our special day. She stayed till the end and didn't want to leave!"

Emmie also gave a beautifully short and simple speech, saying at the reception:

"When I held Isabelle in my arms just after her birth, I knew that I was holding a very special love. That feeling is still here today and I feel so lucky for that. It's obvious to me that she has chosen well when it comes to Alex. How lucky can you be to have a lover like him? He is thoughtful, caring and loving. And if that's not enough, he is also damn good looking!"

Image: The White Tree Creative. As for the showstopper: Isabelle's wedding dresses.


When it came to the ceremony dress - a tight-fitted lace gown with a halter neck- Isabelle aimed to emulate the style of the one and only Meghan Markle. 

"I've always been inspired by this power woman and her second wedding dress. I wanted a high neck, low back, hair up and that sophisticated look to walk down the aisle. I found the beautiful 'Indigo' dress online literally a few weeks before the wedding, had it flown down from Brisbane by Made With Love Bridal and when I tried it on, it fit like a glove! Meant to be!"

Image: The White Tree Creative. 


As for the reception dress, feeling "fun and sexy" while being able to dance freely was front of mind for Isabelle.

It was a super stretch bustier mini dress combined with a fitted, boned bodice with voluminous layers of lace. Fabulous.

"It was originally designed for Harper's Bazaar by Grace Loves Lace. The name of the dress 'Izabel' was clearly meant to be my ultimate party dress! I removed the skirt to switch up my third look into a 'little white dress'."

Image: The White Tree Creative. 


As some may know, this is Isabelle's second marriage. She was previously married to the father of her son, and for Isabelle, this wedding she felt more at ease.

"I think I was definitely less nervous this time around because I was so much more comfortable and in love with Alex. I am a different woman now and smarter and more experienced with what a real relationship needs, so I knew this time around I was making the right choice," Isabelle shared to Mamamia.

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She also noted that trying to be in the moment on the day rather than worrying about the minor details, helped her take in all the little special moments happening around her. 

"My two amazing friends and mentors Jules and Sare came and did a grounding session in the garden with all the women the morning of the wedding. I couldn’t help but let go of all the built up pre-wedding energy and the tears just started flowing! I just felt really proud of myself for how far I’ve come since my first marriage. I really never thought I would ever find the happiness I have, and I just felt really bloody thankful!"

Having her seven-year-old son be involved in the wedding was also of great importance to Isabelle.

"My son definitely stole the show as he walked me down the aisle. My heart was overflowing! I could hear gasps and sighs as I held his little hand. Alex was a blubbering mess at the end of the runway. My son also prepared a little poem about love and family which had everyone in tears AGAIN."

Image: The White Tree Creative.


Regarding the conversation about name changes, Isabelle was sure of her decision.

"As the feminist that I am, I believe I have the freedom to choose what name I want. I've taken Alex's last name because I have moved on and it is a new chapter of my life. It shows love and dedication to the person that I love. Even though I am stepping away from my ex husband's name, I've explained to my son that it doesn't change anything between the two of us and as he grows up, he will understand that."

As for what the future holds, only days after the wedding, Isabelle says she is still feeling the love and looking forward to the honeymoon on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays. 

Also around the corner is Isabelle, Kerry and Emmie's first book, title 'Out of The Box', which will be available to buy for Mother's Day. The memoir will bring together three generations of women to share hilarious highs, heartbreaks and uncomfortable truths. 


"From here it is onwards and upwards. This is just the beginning."

The new season of Gogglebox Australia premieres Wednesday March 2 on Lifestyle and Thursday March 3 on Channel 10.

You can pre-order 'Out of The Box' here.

All wedding images in this article are courtesy of The White Tree Creative.

Image: The White Tree Creative. Feature Image: The White Tree Creative.

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