Married At First Sight's Troy could be a virgin, according to his sister.

Troy Delmege’s sister may have just outed him as a virgin.

Troy, 35, is a contestant on this year’s season of Married At First Sight. The experts matched him with fellow contestant, Ashley Irwin, and the couple have had a pretty turbulent relationship so far.

Both Ashley and fans of the show have become quite intrigued by Troy’s strange behaviour, like the way he aggressively brushes his teeth, and the time he interrupted a date with Ashley to do some push ups.

So Troy’s sister, Tanya Delmege, spoke to NW in an effort to defend him. During the interview she may have let slip that her brother was a virgin.

“I think Ashley’s on [Married At First Sight] for different reasons than Troy. Troy feels like Ash definitely wants to be famous,” she told the publication.

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Since MAFS started airing, photos of Troy kissing Carly Bowyer, another contestant on the show, have emerged.

Tanya said she’s not surprised Troy moved on with Carly, as Ashley was the “complete opposite” of what Troy asked for.

When the magazine asked Tanya whether she thought Troy and Carly could have a future together, she let slip that Troy might not be very sexually experienced.

“[Carly and Troy] have some social differences… Troy’s very churchy actually and as far as I know he’s on the V-plates.”

Troy’s sister also believes the MAFS contestant could be waiting to be married in real life, before taking the next step.

“The view of my family is that they need to overcome their social differences, which are very significant.”

During last night’s commitment ceremony, both Troy and Ashley wrote ‘stay’ on their cards and chose to continue participating in the experiment.

We’ll find out in the next couple of weeks if the fake-married couple stick together until the end of the experiment.

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