Married at First Sight's Ryan addresses rumours he and co-star Ashley are together.

Married at First Sights Ryan has addressed rumours he and co-star Ashley are together after being spotted doing grocery shopping in her home state of Queensland.

In an interview with The Canberra Times, Ryan said he and Ashley weren’t dating, but he was instead just visiting her after travelling interstate on a favour for his dad.

Ryan’s dad, who has Parkinson’s disease, asked the reality star to travel to Queensland to help him on a building job. It so happened, he said, that the job was in close proximity to his fellow co-star’s house.

“I rang her and said, ‘What are you doing?’ And she said, ‘Just playing tennis all day, I’m not working’. And I said, ‘I’ll play tennis, I’m coming’,” he said.

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“And on the way back, her parents wanted something from Woolies so we stopped in the shops and the video was taken. It looks like we’re bloody going back to our own apartment. But we’re definitely not together. Just friends.”

Immediately paparazzi photos of the two shopping sparked incessant rumours that another couple swap had eventuated on the show, in the wake of Ryan’s ‘wife’ Davina ‘cheating’ on him with their fellow co-star Dean.

Ryan told The Canberra Times he isn’t yet used to the careful attention on his private life, saying he is instantly recognised everywhere he goes now.

“Oh, yeah everywhere you go. This week especially. Can’t go anywhere,” he said. “I can’t even catch up with friends without them writing articles about it.”

Despite being the subject of constant rumours about who he may be dating after his time on the show, Ryan says right now, he is currently single.

“I am definitely single. Not dating anyone. I know instantly when I meet someone that they are the one but that hasn’t happened in the last three years. I’m not waiting, but I’m not searching. You never find if you search. They always come along when you least expect it. ”