ASK A PLANT EXPERT: What items are essential for a beginner plant mum?


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Question: I’m just starting out on my indoor plant journey. What kind of plant essentials should I invest in?

Welcome to plant parenthood! In our experience, buying and caring for plants quickly becomes an obsession so ensuring you have the correct tools for the job to keep your burgeoning plant collection happy and healthy is a must.

Looking after your plant friends will be that much easier with the right equipment, and there are lots of beautiful (but no less practical) tools out there that will look right at home sitting next to your plant pals.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list below, but don’t stress about getting every item before you buy your first plant. You’ll learn as you go which tools are most useful for your particular home environment and plant line up.


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Watering can: You may need a few different sizes but at least one with a long fine spout for accurate delivery of water to the soil is ideal. Fill with water again after emptying to ensure you always have pure water on hand. You can buy one here.

Water mister: Providing your tropical humidity loving plants with some moisture on their foliage is easily done with a mister or spray bottle. Morning is the best time for spritzing and be sure to provide the misted plants with good ventilation so that water isn’t left to sit stagnant on the foliage. You can buy some here.

Moisture meter: There’s a myriad of these on the market but they’re a foolproof way of knowing when your plants need watering. Some are designed to stay in the soil while others can be used as you water. If you’re the high-tech type, opt for one that connects to an app on your phone, fancy!

Plant food: The correct fertiliser will keep your plants thriving year after year and give them the boost they need during the warmer growing seasons. You can buy some here.

Secateurs or scissors: Handy for pruning dead foliage as well as making clean cuts when propagating. Be sure to keep these super sharp and clean. You can buy them here.

Potting tray: Especially for those of us in apartments who may be potting our plants inside, a shallow box or tray can help keep the mess at bay.


Dustpan: For anything that spills out of the potting tray, a dustpan will quickly get rid of the rest. Sweep up soil and dead leaves with ease.

Pots and vessels: Choose matching, or tonal or lots of variety, let your inner interior designer out, but just be sure they have a drainage hole and bonus points for a saucer. You can buy some here

Apron, gloves and a mask: When dealing with soil (during potting in particular) some good protective clothing is essential. An apron will keep clothes clean and gloves and a mask will prevent you from ingesting or inhaling any nasties found in potting mix.

Plant stands: Add height variation to your indoor jungle and get plants up off the floor or table with stands. Available in a variety of materials but most commonly seen in timber and metal. You can buy some over here


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Hooks: Whether you’re training a vine up and across a wall or supporting hanging planters, hooks of varying shapes and sizes are a useful addition to your plant styling kit.

Plant stakes: Essential for supporting upright growth and training vining plants, these can come in a variety of materials and thicknesses. From skinny bamboo sticks to chunky moss poles, simply anchor in the soil, attach to a strong central stem with twine or thin wire and your plant will grow up, up and away.

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