Hugh Jackman’s Instagram vibe is still weird, right?

Hugh Jackman is on a journey.

It's a trek many men have had to navigate before: being single for the first time after a long-term relationship. 

In case you live under a particularly weighty rock, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their plan to divorce back in September 2023. It was the celebrity split that shocked the world as the two were considered one of Hollywood's strongest couples.

But alas, after 27 years of marriage, Jackman and Furness called it quits.

And now, almost six months on, I've got to say that I've noticed something a bit odd.

Hugh Jackman's Instagram activity is rather... random. In fact, it's become a place of true bemusement for me. I stop by his page almost every day, desperate for the hit of serotonin that his rogue exploits deliver.

Thankfully for me, the man is posting A LOT, sharing a photo every few days.

'A lot of what, though?', one might wonder. Well... a lot of photos that scream 'recently divorced man who doesn't know how to be single'.

For instance, just last week the actor shared an image of himself smiling that confused his followers, with one person commenting, "Are you okay?" 

Another wrote "I don't know why even though you smile, I see your eyes sad!" 

I don't know if I see his eyes sad but is this the internet version of telling someone 'you look tired'? Anyways, the photo was captioned  'Hi.' Alrighty then! 


Hello. Instagram/@thehughjackman.

But this is nothing new. Ever since announcing his divorce, Jackman's Instagram activity has been odd to say the least.

One of Jackman's posts was simply captioned "Monday", and honestly the actor seems unsure what to do with his face, contorting into a shape I imagine is ideal for making owl sounds.

???? Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 


In February, he simply wrote "Morning" below an image presumably taken in the morning. Thanks for the update, Jacko! 

It does indeed appear to be before midday. Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman.


That same month, the Wolverine actor got experimental by recruiting someone else to capture him scrolling on his phone. He's a busy man, he's got more Instagram selfies standing near nameless bodies of water to post.

"Going to need all the stuff and lighting magic today!!!" he told his 31 million followers. 

Happy scrolling, friend. Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 


Then there was this photo in the snow was captioned, "Days like this." Are you okay, sir??

Looks cold. Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 


But happy. Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 


To be fair, he did let us all in on his affinity for gobbling down flakes of snow a month earlier...

Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 

But like any recent bachelor, he's also developed a penchant for sharing videos of himself working out. For this, we can make allowances, as Jackman is in training to reprise his role of Wolverine for an upcoming Deadpool sequel. 


The funniest part about all this is that we've seen it before. We've all got that one guy friend, who all of a sudden starts posting rogue content on social media.

He's posting selfies holding a glass of beer with a collection of unrelated fish emojis underneath. 

He's sharing Instagram Stories of himself lifting weights at the gym with the words "hustle for that muscle" underneath. 

And he's uploading random shirtless photos with no explanation as to how or why his shirt has been misplaced.


All of this almost always points to one explanation: this man is recently single.

By contrast, single women have a formulaic response. Women are professionals when it comes to how we present ourselves on Instagram post-breakup.

We're hosting legit photoshoots. We're putting on makeup and doing our hair just for one image that makes us look like we're going out to a fancy restaurant when we're actually just posing in the garden of a McCafe (just me?). We're recruiting our friends to take countless photos of the group 'having fun', which we will almost certainly caption with, "My heart is so full!" 

But men? They're still learning.

Case in point: this closed-eye photo of Hugh drinking a cocktail, captioned "Yesssssssss!!"

I mean, we DO all love a cocktail. Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman.


Sadly for Hugh, these confused posts are simply not doing this man justice. The 55-year-old is arguably one of the most eligible celebrity Bachelors in the world right now. In 2008, he was even named People's Sexiest Man Alive. 

Jackman appears to have plenty of friends, including famous ones like bestie Ryan Reynolds, and he apparently joined Taylor Swift's squad in 2023. He could be posting more with friends. And he could be posting fewer photos in front of miscellaneous lakes, or doing weights at the gym.

But like many newly single men, Hugh doesn't quite know what he's trying to say with his Instagram, and until he does, we're strapped in for the ride.

Feature Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman. 

This article was originally published on March 9, 2024 and has since been updated with new information.

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