7 things you can do to make those large pores look smaller.

Okay, let us just wreck your day real quick: there's nothing you can actually do to get rid of large pores. We don't know who started that whole rumour (*death stares marketing goblins*) but, like, yeah...

Wa-wa-wait! Come back! Don't go. Please sit. Have a tea. Because you CAN, however, use some absolute wizardry (our advice below) and skillful artillery (again, all us) to make large pores appear not-so-intense/glaring/spotlight-hogging.

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Why can't I get rid of them, though? We hear you cry, as you take a seat and sip on your peppermint tea. Well, like most good things (hey, acne!) your pore size is genetic, so it's not really a thing that you can just change. 


Excess oil and the gang also play a role in making them appear larger (but you can read more on what pores are and all that kinda jazz here).

The pores. What can I do to make them look smaller? 

Because we're not dermatologists, we asked skin practitioner Sarah Hudson from Skin By Sarah Hudson to explain what actually works when it comes to minimising pores.

Wash your face properly.

If you want to make your pores look smaller, you should start by unclogging them and getting all that gunk out, mmmkay? Especially if you're a youngin'. 

"In younger skin pores can appear bigger because they are clogged with oil mixed with dead skin cells," said Hudson.

You can do this by making sure you cleanse. Properly. 

"At night-time ensure you double cleanse your skin. The first cleanse will remove surface makeup, sunscreen and debris, the second cleanse thoroughly cleanses the skin." 

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And don't just slap it on willy-nilly and wash it off. Uh-uh. Focus on the areas you want to fix. "When cleansing, concentrate on the nose and chin where the pores tend to clog more easily," adds Hudson. 

Told you.

If you're wondering what kind of cleanser is best, Hudson said regular use (two to three times a week) of an AHA cleanser and scrub mixed together, will ensure solid dead skin cells and oils are dissolved and prevent pores from re-clogging. 

Just don't go too crazy on the exfoliating front, though - because too much exfoliating can end up making your pores produce more oil. 


Hit up vitamin C.

If you have mature skin, things like ageing and the effects of sun damage could make your large pores more visible.

"In mature skin, enlarged pores are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin, especially from sun damage. This is why enlarged pores are often seen on the chin and nose."

Interesting! And kinda annoying.

While you still need to cleanse effectively and make sure your pores aren't clogged, you'll also need to focus on adding vitamin C into your routine. 

"Using a vitamin C serum every morning will help to boost the collagen and tighten stretched pores," said Hudson.

Every. Morning. Get on it.

Commit to retinol.

Find a good retinol and stick with it, yeah? Cause it does freaking everything. Even walks the dog.

Use it and it will lead to smoother skin, fewer breakouts and blackheads, and the appearance of smaller pores. "Using a vitamin A retinol will assist in increasing cell turnover, while helping to unclog pores, making them appear smaller," said Hudson.

That's the dream!

If you've never used retinol before and you're a complete rookie, know that it'll be a bit irritating at first - but stick with it and send us a thank you card in the mail. (Hold up. Before you burn a layer of skin off, read up on how to use retinol correctly).

Have a facial.

"If pores are congested due to oil and dead skin cells, a professional customised facial that includes extractions, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion and LED light therapy is extremely beneficial," said Hudson. 


Can I just go to town on my face at home and squeeze the sh*t out of my clogged pores? We hear you ask. Well, it's tempting, but kinda risky. "You may permanently damage the pore or push clogged material further into the pore, or even cause broken capillaries."

Get your face needled.

You can also zap or prick your way to more even skin (because: beauty) by having in-clinic treatments like micro-needling and laser. "For a mature skin where the breakdown of collagen is causing the problem, treatments such as skin needling or Fraxel laser will help to boost collagen and reduce the look of open pores."

Just be aware that you'll usually need a series of treatments before you see any major results. So make sure you consult with your dermatologist... and your bank account.

Use a pore-reducing primer.

Don't you dare start slapping on foundation before applying a pore-reducing primer. Like, we'll be so mad if you do. The right primer will do all the hard work and create a lovely smooth canvas. It'll also make whatever makeup you use a little less crucial. 

So if you're working with a bit of a budget (all of us), opting for the right primer will make all the difference. And there are a ton of options out there. Some of our faves include Benefit Porefessional Face Primer, $25 and L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Primer, $15.

Wear the right kinda makeup.

If you wear the wrong kind of makeup on your skin, you can expect your pores to eat it all up and make a big song and dance about it. You want lightweight makeup that won't clog your pores or talk behind your back. Something that'll be on the g-damn task, all day. 

"Look for non-comedogenic makeup and moisturisers and make sure to avoid ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil, which can irritate pores making them appear larger," said Hudson.

If you can't be effed doing all of the above (it's A LOT, we know), at least make sure you're cleansing properly. Cause dirty pores are visible AF. 

K, thx!

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How do you manage enlarged pores? C'mon, tell us! Share you tips with us in the comment section below. 

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