If you're single and don't know where to meet new people, here's a genius idea.

Excuse me, fellow people, I have a very important announcement to make.

On Saturday morning I had an epiphany. I rolled out of bed very hungover and put on some trackies and a jumper.

I had spent the evening before at my partner’s house, and needed to get back to my place in a timely manner without anybody seeing me in my trackies/smelling my breath when I had the genius idea to order an Uber.

I rationalised that an Uber Pool would be fine considering my place was only a five minute drive away, and at half the price it would be basically the same as a normal Uber but cheaper.

For those unfamiliar with Uber Pool, it is a ride-sharing service that picks up other people on the way/extends the time of the trip home at a seriously discounted rate. Basically, you’re splitting the price of an Uber with a random person.

Since the feature is relatively new in Australia, I figured I would be riding solo.

I was wrong, and it was just my luck that as I climbed into the Uber Pool there was a 10/10 bloke accompanying me in the backseat.

“How you going?” he said.

I cringed at myself and looked out the window for the remainder of the trip.

In another life, in which I was single and didn’t reek of vodka lime and sodas, this might have been the perfect meet-cute, and it reminded me that for many of my single friends an Uber Pool has actually been the site of meeting romantic interests.

Forget dating apps, Uber Pool is the new Tinder.

Consider Louise*, a 21-year-old friend of mine who recently met a potential flame in her Uber Pool.

Louise had just got into an Uber Pool on a night out with a friend, who got in the front seat. When she got talking to the random boy in the back seat with her, they realised they attended the same university, a conversation that resulted in the pair exchanging numbers.


Days after the seven minute Uber trip, she received a text.

“Hey this is Jon. If you want to ask me more about my degree some more… Let me know ;)”

Forgetting about the trip completely, Louise let Jon know he had the wrong number.

“That sucks. This isn’t Louise from the Uber Pool?” he replied.

And with that, LOVE WAS BORN.

Okay not really. But the texting continued, and having asked around, the stories of people finding lurve in an Uber Pool are endless.

Kate met George in an Uber Pool the other night in Melbourne, and regrets not asking for his number.

“We had a fab chat about film and festivals in Melbourne, I’m fairly sure he was the love of my life but I didn’t ask for his number.”

Another friend shared that she once got given a can of Rum and Coke in an Uber Pool, which she accepted, and got asked for a Facebook add, which she courteously declined.

Another says that she got in an Uber pool with two musicians, who invited her to the their gig that night.

If that’s not making moves, I don’t know what is.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy. And increase chances of a second date.

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