Adele received a message from a guy on Tinder. Things quickly took a very bizarre turn.

Online dating in the 21st century is always tricky, but for 23-year-old Adele Elizabeth, from Nottingham, England, it was particularly rough.

The young woman was excited when John, who seemed like a nice fella at first, sent her a private message on Tinder.

What pick up line would he use? Would he immediately ask for a date or would he put in some groundwork first?

Those who are single might understand the feeling of potential and hope on dating apps, but for Adele, this hope was short-lived.

In the short series of messages Adele shared to Twitter, John makes an incredibly rude request.

“Hi Adele, I’m really sorry this is probably going to come across as really rude, I hope it doesn’t,” he began his message.

“In your third picture you’re with a blonde girl, she is honestly so stunning I was wondering if there was any way if she was single you could maybe ask her if I could have her Instagram or number or something?” he added.

“Not trying to mug you off at all I just think she’s unbelievable, sorry if that seems really rude of me,” he finished the scathing message.



Adele was far from devastated though, and took the messages like a complete champion, captioning the tweet “How is your love life going?”.

Speaking to The Mirror, Adele said she ended up giving John her friend’s contact information, but not as clearly as he might have liked.

“I passed on her details because I didn’t want to get in the way of him and true love,” she said.

But since the girl in the photo was a twin, she passed on the information of both, saying she ‘didn’t remember’ which one was in the photo. When John contacted one twin, he quickly realised it was the wrong one.

Neither of the twins, it turns out, were interested.

Tough luck, John.

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