When Talia was accused of "catfishing" by a guy from Tinder, she had a brilliant response.

Talia Gargan, 21, has earned the respect of women everywhere after her response to her Tinder match’s fat-shaming comments went viral.

The 21-year-old woman shared screenshots of her conversations with the man and it should be noted that this happened not once, but twice, and on two separate social networking platforms.

The Lancaster, UK, resident was first accosted by the man after she shared a photo of herself wearing a bikini on Snapchat.

Commenting on her photo, he wrote, “Bit of a belly on ya aren’t you.”

“Really didn’t think you looked like that.”

Not letting his comments get to her, she was unabashed in her response.

“Hahahaha, I wasn’t made to impress you,” she wrote.

“You w**ker.”

Woman's epic fat shaming response
This man is the worst. THE WORST. Image: Tinder.

With that, she promptly blocked him.

But unfortunately this wasn't the end of things and the mystery assailant remade contact on Tinder and this time accused her of 'catfishing,' referring to the dating term when someone assumes a different identity to pursue a romantic relationship.

"Sexy belly," he wrote.

"Really glad you uploaded this btw. Would've been annoying meeting [and I'm] wasting [my] time [being] catfished."

This time she didn't hold back, and we applaud her for it:

Woman's epic fat shaming response
We're cheering at Talia's response. Image: Twitter.

Now in just over a week her post on Twitter has gone viral with 17,000 likes, 1400 retweets and 498 comments.

Speaking to Mamamia, Talia said she wasn't expecting the reaction her tweets garnered.

"I don’t really know why I posted it at the time I just thought why not," she said, knowing the Tinder man's judging comments had gone too far.

"Girls shouldn’t be made to feel like they’re made to be skinny, you are who you are and if people can’t accept it then they shouldn’t feel like they can comment," she told us.

"Not everyone thinks before they speak though, being small minded won’t get people far."

Looking back, Talia stands by her decision in making the Twitter post, even thought there's just one thing she would change.

"If I knew it was going to go viral I most probably wouldn’t have worded it so badly, just the heat of the moment," she said.

But if you were to ask us, we think she did alright.