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7 people share exactly what they did to get out of a job they just hated.


There are definitely mature and rational people in the world who are able to gracefully extract themselves from a job or a task they vehemently dislike.

Unfortunately, this is not a story about those kinds of people.

No, these are people who found themselves with tasks or in jobs that they hated so very much, they were forced to get very creative when it came to finding a way out. From passing off dog vomit as their own, to faking medical emergencies and having the same set of grandparents die three times, here are their stories of escapism and bravery.


“I got my friend to phone up my boss and say I had gone to have emergency surgery for a burst appendix. I then sent my boyfriend of the time in to get my wages and I never went back. I hated my boss, she was the worst.  I have also used the excuse of ‘needing to leave the country due to an emergency overseas’ to get out of a job.”


“I worked in a call center about 10 years ago and my grandparents died maybe three times while I worked there. Just so I could leave and have a couple of days off. The kicker of all this is that my grandparents actually died when I was in my early teens.”


“I hated my job at a bank. I tried to resign but the branch manager said no. I worked in the proofing department, back in the day when you had to code cheques. I worked in a branch where we had lots of very big cheques and cheques were separated out into other bank cheques over 1 million, 5million, 10+mil and (another bank) cheques over 1 million, 5 million and 10 million.


“Completely NOT deliberate, but on a Friday afternoon I coded another bank a 10+ mil cheque. These batches were meant to be checked by someone else so these errors were picked up. For some reason, they either weren’t or I hadn’t checked my own work. It was a 12 million dollar cheque. And clearly the bank it should have gone to wanted to collect the daily interest on this cheque. It was the weekend which also meant it couldn’t be corrected until Monday. So it was Tuesday before the right bank got the cheque and our branch copped a penalty and had to repay the interest. Anyway, it caused a massive shit-fight. Suffice to say when I went to hand in my resignation for the third time after the stuff up, it was accepted!”

"I lied and said I had gone to have emergency surgery for a burst appendix..." Source: Getty.


"This one is actually school related. Once I woke up to find my dog's vomit on my bed (my dog Fergus slept with me) and when my mum came into my room to wake me up for school she saw the vomit and said, 'Oh my god, are you sick? Are you okay?'. So I played along with being sick so I didn't have to go to school that day..."


"I was on holidays from uni and got a job doing some landscaping and handyman stuff for a friend of a friend's parents. They were not very friendly and would leave me detailed and confusing lists about what they wanted to be done each day, and they were never happy with anything. It was really hot at the time and I decided this was not how I wanted to spend my holidays, so I just got really careless knowing they would get rid of me. I used all the wrong chemicals to clean their backyard fountain, which actually ended up killing all their fish. I felt really bad about that, to be honest, but better the fish suffer than me I guess."


"I once missed a shift at the video shop I worked at because I said I had to get my appendix out and that it was an emergency. Then they sent me flowers and I still really awful about it."


"Not exactly a job, but a task I really didn't want to do. Once I actually slammed my hand really hard between two sliding glass doors to get out of having to do a piano performance. It hurt but it was worth it."

Have you ever lied to get out of a job you hated?