Listen up: We've been filling in our eyebrows wrong this whole time.

Eyebrows have definitely been the big thing in beauty for a little while.

From big and bushy Cara Delevingne-esque brows to bizarre trends like ‘feather brows‘ and ‘squiggle brows’, there’s a lot out there when it comes to eyebrows.

While influencers and YouTube beauty gurus may have perfected their brows, many of us (myself included) are still a little bit confused about how to fill in our brows.

And to make matters worse, it turns out we could have been using the wrong eyebrow products all along.

Makeup mogul Kat Von D recently brought out a new eyebrow product and it includes an unexpected ingredient… shimmer.

Yes, shimmer.

While it might sound absolutely insane to put anything shimmery near your brows, Kat Von D has a very good reason for it.


“We found this really innovative formula that has a very specific type of shimmer that has a reflectiveness to it,” she told Allure.

“Eyebrows are not naturally matte, so the point of this formula is to really mirror that,” she explained.

So because your natural brow hairs aren’t matte, it actually makes sense to use a shimmery brow product, like Kat Von D’s Brow Struck Dimension Powder rather than a traditional matte one. It’s SO smart.

But if you’re worried about looking like a glittery fool, Kat Von D maintains that the brows still look very natural, even with shimmer involved.

“It photographs very naturally and looks very natural in the daylight,” she said.

Okay, we’re convinced.

Hand us all the shimmery brow products, please.