We asked a brow expert to fix our brows.

Image: The Glow team’s brows. 

This week we, okay, I, thought it would be fun to send a a picture of our eyebrows to a brow expert and get him to tell us how we should be shaping them.

I called Benefit’s global brow expert, Jared Bailey, for help (just look at his amazing brows!).  He didn’t hold back. But that’s okay, I needed to hear the truth. Um, sorry team.

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Over to you, Jared…

1. Fair and Barely There: Beauty director Nicky


"'Barely there' is fine for your negligee or bikini," sighs Jared, "but not your brows. When you’re faced with this type of brow dilemma, help is only one appointment away."

Service Recommendation: A brow tint.

"A brow tint is the must have service for anyone looking to get fuller-looking frames for their face. Brows are filled with soft & fine vellus hair that, when tinted, can create a fuller, thicker brow instantly. In addition to adding depth and dimension to a look, brow tinting can also add length to the end of a brow where our hairs tend to be lighter and finer. The service will last three to four weeks. In essence, brow tinting is like waking up with makeup!"

Product recommendation: Benefit Brow Zings and Gimme Brow.

"For the brows above, we should bring the starting portions slightly closer together which will begin to slim down the bridge of the nose. Since there is a lack of hair, this means we’ll have to fake it.


"Brow Zings is a shaping and shading tool kit that can be used to fake a shape that’s just not there. The wax and powder duo adheres to the skin and gives structure to areas that fall a little short.

"To add more of a three-dimensional effect, follow up with a quick swipe of Gimme Brow, our brow volumising fibre gel. The formula is filled with micro fibres that actually mimic the look of real hair. When, learning to fake a fuller shape, layering your brow products is key."

Here are some great brow products on the market (post continues after gallery)

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2. From Paleo to Pretty: Glow Guide producer Brittany

"Thick, full brows are certainly on trend," says Jared approvingly of Brittany's brows. "However, regular maintenance from a pro is key!"

Service Recommendation:  A brow shape.

"When eyes tend to be a bit more deeper set, a proper brow shaping is what is needed to open up those pretty peppers.  After identifying the three key portions of each brow, I’d remove a few of the more dense hairs along the bottom to straighten out the line and lift the look of the brow."

Product recommendation: Instant Brow pencil and High Brow.

"To transform this brow from a crescent shape to something with a bit more structure, attention should be paid to the arches.  Instant Brows pomade-like texture will help tame her hair and give her arches a bit more of an angle. Align the pencil on the outer portion of the nose to where it points to the highest portion of the brow – that’s the arch. Use short hair like strokes to fill this area in.  The attached spoolie tool will remove any access product and help keep unruly hairs at bay.


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"Next, add a touch of High Brow just along the brow bone.  The linen pink highlighter will further lift the look of the brow and give the illusion of a wider and more open eye."

3. Time Travelling Brows: Editor Jenny

"There are two ways to look younger in life," Jared says, cheeking Jenny straight off the bat. "One, shape and fill your eyebrows. Two, make older friends. I think the first one is much easier."

Service Recommendation: A brow shape and trim.

"Trimming is key to keeping the brows looking polished and refined. By removing the excess tips that extend past the brow shape when combed, the brows will actually appear fuller.  This may sound simple, but trimming should always be left to the hands of the professionals.

"Once her brows are trimmed, waxing the area below the brow will give it a more defined shape from the start to the arch. We’d also clean up the fine baby hairs above the brow to help further refine the shape.  The bottom of the brow is always about defining the shape while the top is about refining the shape."


Product recommendation: Gimme Brow.

"Using a product like Gimme Brow fibre gel will definitely help keep her more unruly brow hairs in shape.  Also, for her I’d use the Gimme Brow in the lightest shade. As she has super light hair on her head with a much deeper-coloured brow, the micro fibres in Gimme Brow will cling to that hair and give it a highlighted effect as it fills in the brow.  This will soften the contrast between her hair and her brows and also fill in any patchy or sparse areas."

4. Arch You Gorgeous: Beauty writer Jacqui

"When the shape is already well defined" says Jared, "accentuating it is certainly key."

Service Recommendation: A brow tint.

"A custom colour brow tint will help add oomph to her arches, pronto!  At Benefit, we’d recommend going one to two shades deeper that her base hair tone.  This will help to fill in the weaker areas around her arches and the end of her brows.  Brow tinting is similar to a glaze on the hair, which will also add a bit more depth and dimension to the look of her brows."

Product recommendation: Brow Zings and Gimme Brow.

"The shape is certainly well defined, however, extending the beginning portions of the brow will definitely begin to contour her nose and begin to balance her eyes.  The wax and powder formula of brow zings will stick to the skin and hair and bring a believable look to the beginning portions of the brows.

"Next, it’s time to add volume.  For brows that are a bit finer in texture take Gimme Brow, our volumising fibre gel, and begin back combing the brow from the end to the arch, and the arch to the start.  Redip the micro wand back into the tube and comb again through the brow working in the direction of the hair growth.  This is similar to teasing the hair.  Working backwards will ensure that the microfibers wrap around the entire hair and add much needed va-va volume."


5. Turn it into a Triple Glammy: Site producer Lizzie


"A tint, wax, and tweeze is all that’s needed to transform these out-of-shape brows into full figured beauties!" Jared insists.

Service Recommendations: a brow shape and tint.

"In the case of sparse brows that are somewhat out-of-shape, we always begin with a brow tint.  Everyone brow is filled with fine vellus hair that, when tinted, instantly fills the look of the brow.  At any Benefit Brow Bar we’d custom blend a colour that mimics the look of the hair on her head.  This will keep make her brows appear both full and natural.

"Next, we’d wax and tweeze to please!  By waxing just a slight amount of  hair from below the brow, we’d straighten out the lines and give her brows a lot more structure.  It would also help open up her eye space and give her eyes a more youthful look (who doesn’t want that).

"After waxing we’d follow up with tweezers to refine the shape and remove and strays that could be hinder her best brow possible."

Product Recommendation: Brow Zings and Speed Brow.


"Even freshly groomed brows need a bit of stylingBrow Zings, our shaping and shading tool kit, would help add structure to her brows.  After the brow tint, more focus should be give to the area between the arch and end of her brow.  This area is naturally a bit finer but a bit of Brow Zings will keep it strong yet not overly pronounced.  This area of the brow is vital when it comes to blocking out the proportions of the face.

"Next, top the whole thing with Speed Brow, our shortcut to perfect looking brows.  The gel-like formula will help keep the brow hairs pointing in the direction that best frames the face. It’s also a perfect partner to help keep the wax and powder from Brow Zings in place."


Bonus tutorial from Jared

"Brows are the ultimate face framers. They draw attention to the eyes and help bring balance and an appropriate sense of proportion to the face. Brow shaping is the easiest thing anyone can do to open their eyes and add instant lift to their overall look.

"When you visit any Benefit Brow Bar you’ll see our experts use a unique tool developed by the pros at Benefit to map each brow. If you want to try the process at home however, take a straight edge object (an eyeliner pencil or makeup brush will do), your favourite brow filler and place a little mark with your makeup as you go along.

  1. First, we find the start: we measure straight from the dimple of the nose to the beginning of the brow.  This will create a slimming effect on the nose and balance the eyes.
  2. Next, we look for the arch: beginning at the edge of the nose we pass through the pupil to the highest portion of the brow.  This will give maximum lift to the eye area.
  3. Finally, we find the end: we measure from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye.  This is where the brow should end to create an eye-opening effect.

I’ll use the process above to amp up the brows below. Brow Mapping is fundamental to finding the custom shape that accentuates YOUR face.