LEIGH CAMPBELL: '5 ways to avoid dry, patchy foundation in winter.'

I cursed the high humidity here in Sydney all of summer, but now as a cold snap has well and truly set in, the minute winter started I'm wishing for some of that warmth back.

Winter generally leads to more dehydrated skin because there's less moisture in the air, meaning the skincare and makeup routine that was working for you a few months back might need a little tweak.

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If you find your makeup looks dry or patchy right now, here are my five tips to try.

1. 'Skin Flooding'.

Image: Adore Beauty/Chemist Warehouse/Canva.


Instead of reaching for a super thick face cream (which might just create a barrier on the skin), add several thinner layers of hydration instead, then start with your makeup. It's called 'skin flooding' and it's all about steps like using an essence and a few serums to boost your skin's juiciness to ensure hydration is absorbed and not just sitting on top. This creates the perfect plump base for makeup.

- Beauty Of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water, $38.
- L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $54.99.

 2. Hydrating primer.

Image: Adore Beauty/elf Cosmetics/Canva.


Adding a hydrating primer under your base can make a massive difference. I have combination skin, even in winter, it's just that my dry bits are, well, more dry. I use a hydrating primer before foundation but still avoid my T-zone and chin, where I naturally produce enough 'glow'. If you're dry or dehydrated, definitely use it all over.

- Huda Beauty Water Jelly Hydrating Primer, $50.
- Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer, $14.

3. Cream makeup.

Image: Kmart/Sephora/Canva.


Switching from powdered bronzer and blush to cream formulas will instantly make your whole face look more youthful and more 'skin-like'. You can still set areas with a teeny bit of translucent powder if you feel the need, but your makeup will look more dewy if you mostly use cream and liquid textures. Use a brush to blend.

- OXX Cosmetics Cream Bronzer, $3.
- Tarte Maneater Blush and Glow Cheek Plump, $46.

4. Face oil.

Image: MAC/Revolution Beauty/Canva.


Adding a single drop of face oil to your foundation is a fabulous way to boost dewiness if your regular base suddenly doesn't give you the same glow it did in summer. Just don't add oil to your sunscreen step — we never mix anything with our primary SPF.

- M.A.C Prep + Prime Face Oil, $60.
- Revolution Pro Miracle Oil, $22.

5. Setting spray.

Image: By Terry/BYS/Canva.


Setting sprays still have their place as the final step in your makeup routine in winter, it just comes down to which type. Instead of using a long-wear mist, opt for a makeup spray that adds hydration while fixing your makeup in place. I often use mine again around 3pm as a base refresh.

- By Terry Hyaluronic Glow Setting Mist, $73.
- BYS Hydrating Setting Spray, $10.

Got the opposite problem? If you feel like your foundation has slipped off or disappeared from your face by lunchtime, find out all the fixes from a pro-makeup artist.

Do you have any winter foundation tips you swear by? Share them with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@leighacampbell

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