We asked 20 women exactly how much they spend on clothes each month.

With fashion influencers dominating our Instagram feeds and the rise of TikTokers sharing their "outfit of the day", the pressure to have fresh, on-trend looks for every occasion has never been greater.

It feels as though each season we're expected to buy new clothes and accessories to keep up - and while some have staying power, many lose their status within a few months, leaving us with a bunch of items we'll barely wear again.

On the flip side, Gen Z are becoming more and more passionate about sustainable fashion - shopping less, or only buying clothes that are either secondhand or made locally by people paid fair wages.

Whether you shop brand new or secondhand, we're curious to know: how much are Australian women spending on clothes ever month? A little or a lot?

In Mamamia's Money Survey we surveyed more than 900 women about all things money, and the answer to that question really varied. Some said nothing, while others spent over $2,000. 

The most common answer was somewhere between $100 to $200 per month.

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To get a better understanding, we asked 20 women in our Mamamia community to anonymously share how much they spend on clothes, and why. Here's what they said.

1. "Somewhere around the $300 mark. I honestly just love clothes, and between looking for plus size ranges and trying to shop at ethical and sustainable small businesses, sh*t gets pricey." 

2. "I probably spend between $50-$250 a month. I spend most of my money at SWOP, a clothing exchange store in Newtown, Sydney, that sells a lot of secondhand designer items for cheap. I've gotten some things from Lisa Says Gah and Poppy Lissiman there, so in that sense, I'm saving?"

3. "Most months $0. But I spend maybe $300 per year."

4. "I haven't actually bought any clothing in about five months! I used to buy $200 worth of clothes or shoes or accessories with every pay cheque but I'm trying to save like crazy so I can visit my parents who live overseas within the next few months. Plus, I am moving house and I don't want to be stressed about finances!"

5. "Mine varies a lot according to my banking stats – sometimes $200, sometimes $100 and some months, nothing."

6. "$50-$100. I have definitely spent more in the past while shopping at ethical local brands (which understandably aren't cheap) but these days I exclusively shop at thrift stores while I try and save some money!" 

7. "$50, maybe? I have moved to op-shopping." 

Image: Mamamia. 


8. "I’d probably say between $500-$700. I just buy what makes me happy - a lot of dresses." 

9. "$100 per month. That's usually for loungewear or if I need to pick up something for an event, like a dress for a wedding I'm going to. I could easily spend heaps more, but with COVID I have honestly been wearing the same trackies and t-shirts for two years, so I'm working on falling back in love with my old wardrobe that I haven't touched during the pandemic." 

10. "Probably $40 if I'm lucky. Some months are big splurges for work, but that's all." 

11. "I spent $600 in one hit at Zara last week – not my finest moment but I now have a whole wardrobe for the next season so I dont think I need anything for ages. Also helps because the one hit shop means I know exactly what matches what."

12. "Records say usually between $200-400. I thought it'd be worse, to be honest. The Iconic should be paying me commission. I just buy what I feel like buying, but I usually feel very guilty about clothes." 


13. "On myself, $0. Why? I have five children and one income, all our money goes on rent and food." 

14. "$300-$400. Slightly addicted, [but] spending money makes me happy." 

15. "$150 a month for a GlamCorner subscription. It stops me from buying new clothes and means I have a revolving wardrobe of outfits that feel new, but are kinder on the environment. It means I get to wear gorgeous brands I otherwise couldn't afford, and can always look forward to something arriving in the mail every week/fortnight. That being said, I'm still a sucker for a great sale and do probably spend $50-$100 a month on maybe a fun dress, or an op shop moment, or things like basics, shoes and accessories. I try to stick to just that $150 though!"

Image: Mamamia. 


16. "$500. I'm addicted to The Iconic." 

17. "Nothing! I decided to shop my own wardrobe for the year as I have way too many clothes."

18. "It completely varies month to month. Some months it'll be nothing because I want to save for the future and wear the clothes I own (that probably don't get worn enough) but other months I think about how I only live once and should buy the damn shoes. It can be anywhere from $0 to $500." 

19. "$0. Honestly, everyone else comes before me. My mum buys me clothes for my birthday and Christmas." 

20. "If including handbags, [an] average of $2000 a month."

How much do you spend on clothes per month? Share with us in the comments below.

This article was originally published in March 2022 and have since been updated.

Feature image: Mamamia/Canva.

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