We're starting a very necessary conversation about money, and we need your help.

Money. It's the big awkward elephant in a whole bunch of rooms.

We cringe talking about it in job interviews, during brunch with pals, in very necessary conversations with your partner about the ✨future✨.

But... why? Well, we have a theory:

Everyone feels funny about money, because no one knows where they stand.

Against their colleagues, their friends, their family, the average Australian. And that unknown brings with it a whole dollop of insecurity and confusion. 

So, how about we clear that up? ASAP.  

Quick! Watch 4 money hacks that don't involve sacrificing your daily coffee. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

To paint a proper picture of finances in 2021, we've put together a survey (sexy, we know), featuring a whole bunch of brilliant questions - from how much we're spending on clothes a month all the way to how much people are really getting paid in a pandemic.

So, to be a part of this movement, and contribute to a much more honest narrative about money in this day and age, click the fetching pink button below.


(Precisely everyone who has ever been lied to by their mates about 'how much they save each month' and felt rubbish because of it, will thank you.)

Feature Image: Mamamia.