'People always ask where I shop. Here's my plus-size guide to cool, Aussie and ethical fashion.'

Shopping as a plus-size woman isn't always the easiest thing. You want to find fits and threads that are current, fun and yet still timeless - but it's a little tricky when many brands still stop at a size 14.  

To make it even harder, I've recently added 'ethical' to my list of requirements. I really only want to support brands that I know are doing the right thing, which sadly means I've parted ways with some fast fashion favourites.  

However, I've slowly built up a list of size-inclusive and ethical brands, and it would simply be rude not to share them! Here are my current faves.

Frida Las Vegas.

Frida Las Vegas is a brand with a pretty big cult following. All of designer Frida's clothes are pop art-inspired and gender and size-inclusive. They are also designed and made locally. You've probably spotted her designs worn by contestants on Ru Paul's Drag Race. I'm a huge fan.  

As well as the loudness and fabulousness of her prints, the cuts she makes are super wearable and fun - from kaftans to 'Glamour Sacks' and maxi dresses. These are all flattering and easy throw-on dresses for instant wow factor, and the label goes up to a size 26.

My favourite thing about Frida's designs is that they are conversation starters and an instant mood booster!  

Mary wearing Frida Las Vegas. Image: Supplied. 


Edgeley is a daring brand by designer Alice Edgeley. She's based in Melbourne, and she makes everything herself; talk about slow fashion! She blends modern with an almost showgirl look. She's famous for her limited edition collections that often feature an incredible print, as well as her super flattering designs.  


I am particularly obsessed with her 'Silhouette Dress'; it hugs in all the right places, and it's just the right amount of sexy. You can throw a blazer over the top for work and after work, meet up with your Hinge date and take that blazer off for maximum impact!

Edgeley also offers custom sizing outside of the standard sizing, so you can have pieces made to fit your body perfectly (and isn't that just the dream?) There's a reason your grandparents always looked so good in their clothes in old photos - it's because they were tailored, so embrace it!  


If you haven't heard of Dyspnea, where have you been? The brand is like a current take on Paris Hilton's wardrobe in the early 2000s, and it's ethical! It's all sparkles, mesh and showing flesh, and I love it. 


With many celebrity followers, it's also the brand I go to when I want a dress to make me feel my most sexy and fabulous, and it goes to a size XXXL with custom options!

Listen to Mamamia's fashion podcast, What Are You Wearing?, where we discuss Australian fashion's issue with fatphobia. Post continues after podcast.

Suk Workwear.

Everyone needs a good basic, and previously I used to buy these items from fast fashion retailers because it was easy. 

Suk is now my go-to for any kind of basic trouser, jumpsuit or overalls. 


They make sturdy quality clothes in the best cuts and go up to a size 30, and I'm a huge fan of their relaxed work pants - they are incredibly comfortable, long-lasting and really pull all my outfits together for instant cool girl vibes. I'll also say they have lasted me a lot longer than any previous fast fashion finds!


This is where I head for a vintage vibe with a modern spin! Made590 is a lovely small business where everything is once again locally made. The service at their Sydney boutique is also top-notch, if you're able to get there and experience it for yourself!

They do great basics and statement pieces, and I'm a massive fan of their limited edition collections because there's always something new. Currently, I love their soda pop collection, which makes plaid feel cool again.  

Mary wearing Made590. Image: Supplied.

Because I love fashion, particularly fabulous styles, and because I am plus size, I've had to think outside the box to make my fashion dreams come true. 

Everyone has their own fashion sense, lifestyle, budget and ethics, but I really believe in investing in pieces that will bring you all the joy. A few well-made items that fit well and make you smile can be a much better investment than what you might find at your local shopping mall. 

That said, I’m aware pieces can be harder to find when you're curvy, so I hope this list inspires you!

What size-inclusive, ethical labels would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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