18 millennials confess how much they really drink each week and why.

How many standard drinks do you have each week?

According to triple j’s 2018 What’s Up In Your World survey of Australian millennials, 39 per cent of young Australians are drinking less than they were in the last year.

But it’s not always the case.

While some millennials are turning away from alcohol and drinking less this year, for others, it can reach upwards of 20 or 30 drinks in just one week.

Speaking on Edge 96.1’s breakfast radio show Mike E and Emma yesterday, host Mike E shared that he drinks roughly 33 drinks a week.

“Thursday night I always go out for dinner with my parents, so I’ll probably have three then,” the radio host admitted.

“And then, if I’m being honest, Friday and Saturday night can be between 10 and 15 drinks.”

We spoke to 18 Mamamia readers to find out exactly how many drinks they have per week and why.

Here’s what they had to say:

Kate, 19

Kate drinks around eight drinks a week, mainly on a Saturday night. Her prime objective? To get drunk.

Emma, 30

Emma only drinks if she’s out for dinner with friends or family.

On average, she drinks around five standard drinks a week and while she doesn’t anymore, she has in the past consumed alcohol purely to get drunk.

Steph, 23

Steph drinks on average 10 standard drinks per week, predominately on a Friday night. She likes to drink socially and to “relax”.


Annalise, 28

This 28-year-old has an average of 10 drinks per week.

Her main reason for having a drink or two is that it makes her feel “a little looser in social situations”.

Mollie, 21

Mollie has an average of 30 drinks per week, and likes to drink to have fun with her friends.

Most of the time, she drinks with the intention to get drunk, but she does think it’s an unhealthy attitude.

Olivia, 20

Olivia drinks one to two standard drinks per week. “It’s almost like a treat at the end of the week,” she said.

While she has had the intention of getting drunk before, she doesn’t think it’s the best idea.

“I think if you’re drinking to get drunk, half of me believes you’re drinking for the wrong reasons.”

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Brooke, 20

Brooke, 20, drinks around six standard drinks per week, mainly on a Saturday night.

She likes to have a few drinks a week because it makes her feel “a lot more likeable, happy and social”.

Bianca, 22

Bianca drinks an average of four standard drinks a week.


She usually like to have a drink to “take away social anxiety” and “relax”.

Lily, 28

This 28-year-old has recently decided to give up drinking in the last month.

“When I was younger, I feel like I used to drink for confidence and now I don’t need that anymore,” she said.

“Not drinking has made me realise how much of my social time revolves around alcohol.”

Nathalia, 21

Nathalia only drinks around one drink a week, usually if she’s at an event or a concert.

Although she sometimes drinks with the intention of getting drunk on special occasions like birthdays, she mainly has a drink or two to settle her nerves.

“I’m quite tense normally because I go to gigs by myself a lot, so I will have a drink or two to warm up and un-tense my muscles.”

Hana, 30

Hana drinks around four standard drinks per week, as she enjoys the taste and finds it relaxing.

She hasn’t gotten drunk on purpose in a while as she recently had a baby.

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Samantha, 27

Samantha has around 15 to 20 drinks a week, depending on how many events she attends over the weekend.

“It helps me unwind at the end of the week and have a bit of fun,” she said.


Maddi, 21

Maddi, 21, has 10 to 15 drinks a week, usually at pubs on the weekend.

While she used to drink with the intention of getting drunk when she was younger, she now likes to have a drink just for fun.

Cassandra, 24

Cassandra has around 10 standard drinks per week. Most of the time, she drinks with the intention of getting tipsy.

“It helps me let off steam after working a massive week. It’s a way of catching up with friends on my days off.”

Jen, 28

Jen hasn’t had alcohol with the intention of getting drunk for more than a decade. She no longer drinks at all, choosing to stick with water.

Kristy, 29

Kristy rarely drinks, with an average of zero drinks per week, and has never tried to get drunk.

While she did have a glass of wine to celebrate her anniversary in January, before then, she went two years without having a single drink.

Kate, 31

Kate drinks around 10 drinks a week, with the majority being on dates.

Kamilia, 20

Kamilia, 20, has around two to three drinks a week. She drinks because it’s sociable, but has never had the goal of getting drunk.

“I have never seen the fascination,” she said.

How many standard drinks do you have each week? Let us know down below.

If you are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, help is available. For support, please call: Counselling Online on 1800 888 236 or Alcoholics Anonymous on 1300 222 222.