10 people share their best hotel tip and they'll honestly make travelling that much easier.

Don’t get us wrong, hotels are great.

Concierge and room service are a phone call away, and there is absolutely no reason to tend to any of the usual domestic duties that you would at home. But, we can’t help but be reminded that hotel rooms just don’t compare to the comfort of your own space (especially, your bed).

That’s why we scoured the internet and asked the Mamamia office for their best travel hacks that will improve your hotel stay, that much more.

1. Use a coat-hanger to create blackout blinds.

There is nothing worse than that small bit of light peeping through the blinds, waking you from a peaceful sleep. However, thanks to this Twitter post resurfacing, it can easily be avoided.

2. Pack a power board and one adapter to charge everything in one place.

Need to charge your phone, laptop, tablet and camera? No worries.


3. Always mention when it’s a special occasion.

Is it your birthday or anniversary soon?

No matter the occasion, always make sure to mention it when booking your room. Hotels want to provide the best experience for their guests, meaning more often than not, they will congratulate you with something free. Whether it’s nibbles on arrival, a bottle or champagne or maybe a generous upgrade, who doesn’t love a nice treat at the start of a hotel stay?

4. Use the ironing board as an extension of the counter space.

There is never enough space on the counter for hair, makeup and skincare products. So this handy trick might’ve just changed everything.

Genius. Image via Reddit.

5. Stock your mini bar with free water from the gym or reception.

It's an easy way to avoid an overpriced bottle of water, that no one wants to pay for.

6. Pack your jewellery in a daily pill box.

Avoid the extreme frustration and angst that comes with untangling a big ball of necklaces. *sigh of relief*

Image via Reddit.

7. Keep the free shower cap.

Although most of us probably don't use the shower cap that is provided with the bathroom freebies, they are useful elsewhere.

If you ever find that you run out of bags to put your dirty shoes in before packing up, these work a treat. Or, if you'd prefer not to touch the TV remote (it's definitely full of... germs), covering it with a shower cap works too.


8. Hang a 'do not disturb' sign to protect valuables. 

The 'do not disturb' sign is great. It leaves you in peace, hidden in your room, away from anyone that might possibly want to annoy you.

But, it also works at protecting your valuables. If you are unsure about the safety of the hotel or the people potentially entering your room, put the sign on your door to ensure no one will enter it all day long. It does mean no clean sheets though, so pick your priority.

9. Stash buffet treats for later.

Simply, grab your napkin and handbag, make a beeline for the desired nibbles and you are sorted for a day's worth of free (usually, very yummy) snacks.

Simple, and super effective.

10. Use the TV to charge your phone.

There is usually one item that is left at home. And, more often than not, it's something important!

If it's your power bank to charge your phone, rather plug your phone into the TV and turn it on. It works just as well.

Do you have any hotel hacks we might have forgotten that you swear by? Leave them in the comments below.