If you’re hornier in the mornings, there’s a reason. And it’s not what you think.

Good God, I love morning sex. And anyone who disagrees is missing out, in my books.

You’re well rested after a night’s sleep with your lover. You’re well loved-up after all that snuggling. You’re most likely naked and feeling pretty sensual. And then there’s him.

Ready for action. 

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“Many people with penises wake up with erections, otherwise known as morning wood,” Alice Child, a somatic sexologist told Mamamia

“These sleep-induced erections can sometimes come and go throughout the night, are a normal part of the sleep cycle, and have nothing to do with being turned on or having erotic dreams.

“Opinions vary, but many experts say this is caused by increased oxygenation, blood flow, and hormone spikes that happen during deep sleep. During REM sleep, your body pumps oxygen-rich blood to your genital tissues to keep your genitals healthy.”

And – here’s the best bit – because the clitoris is made up of erectile tissue, THE SAME THING HAPPENS FOR VULVA OWNERS.

Yes, we’re talking about the lady boner.

While we may think of the top of our labia as the clitoris, most of it is actually internal, extending back into the body (about 10cm!) and around the vaginal canal. Picture it as a kind of wishbone shape (and really, I think we all know what we’re wishing for down there...).


So, with all that erectile tissue going on in the area, when we get turned on, blood rushes south and causes it to become engorged. While the part of the clit you can see will peek out of the clitoral hood, most of the shenanigans (and by shenanigans I mean the female erection) are going on inside the body.

“Although these changes can happen without arousal necessarily being present,” Alice said, “if you wake up in the morning when your body is erect, you could subsequently feel more aroused and want to have sex.


“It has also been shown that testosterone is at its highest at the start of the day, which is why so many people, especially men, wake up horny. Testosterone is a big driving factor in libido, helping with both getting erections and feeling motivated to have sex.”

And because the ovaries produce not just oestrogen but also small amounts of testosterone, it’s very likely that women will also wake up ready for some morning action. 

Nighttime delight.

Of course, not everyone feels like doing it first thing in the morning, and I get it, there are a lot of obstacles. 

Firstly, bad breath.

But hormones and lady boners aside, when it comes to what time of day people are at their randiest, it really varies from person to person.

“When it comes to sex, relationships and pleasure, it’s about listening to your body and working out what is best for you,” says Alice. Image: Supplied.

“Many people prefer evening or nighttime sex,” Alice said. “One potential reason is that sexual pleasure releases mood-enhancing chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain and body, and some of them help us feel more relaxed and happy, and help us sleep. Which is just what is needed after a busy day!


“In addition, mornings are sometimes filled with ‘sexual brakes’ for many people. There are mental distractions like tiredness and the need to start the day, wake up the kids and work on the to-do list.

“In the evening, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nothing to be done, and so people can feel more relaxed.” 

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“Each individual person’s erotic brakes (turn-offs) and accelerators (turn-ons) are so unique, and so often that has more of an impact on when they want to have sex than anything on a physiological level,” Alice explained.

“Many people will say that more men prefer morning sex and women are more likely to prefer evening sex, and although that is supported somewhat by the peak in testosterone during the start of the day, this will not be the case for everyone."

So basically... do it whenever you feel like it!

Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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