The results are in. These are the three factors that equal great sex.

No pressure, but when it comes down to *great sex* you need three key elements, according to scientists. 

And they might not be what you think. 

All in the name of professional research, a couple of smart cookies from the US recently teamed up for a very important study, and that study was called, ‘Caring, Chemistry and Orgasms: Components of Great Sexual Experiences.’ 

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And TBH, I can’t think of a more important project. 

As part of their critical work, these scientists went out and spoke to 78 people, aged from 18 to 69, across a diverse range of sexual orientations, identities and relationship statuses. And among them, three very important elements emerged in what constitutes not just good but GREAT sex

1. Orgasm. 

Firstly, there’s the obvious. There’s the orgasm. Because for me, and almost 62 per cent of survey respondents, sex without a grand finale is like dinner without dessert. Yes, it’s enjoyable BUT ARE YOU REALLY SATISFIED? 


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While 15 per cent — which included four men — even went so far as to say that MULTIPLE orgasms were necessary for “great sex”. And while some only emphasised their own orgasm, others prioritised their partner’s satisfaction. 

2. Emotional connection.

For nearly 67 per cent of participants, an emotional connection was CRUCIAL for a satisfying time under the sheets. But not like, in a lovely-dovey-let’s-get-married kind of way. Just eight people associated emotional connection directly with love, while others said it had more to do with trust and affection. 


On the other hand — and I’m sure anyone who’s ever had THE BEST SEX OF THEIR LIFE with a one-night stand can agree — you don’t need any of these things for a good time. 

3. Chemistry. 

*Suddenly the sweet and delectable tones of Marvin Gaye are playing in my head.

For 46 per cent of those surveyed, chemistry, or connection, was the top ingredient on their list for spicy sex. And while this one was a tad harder for the researchers to define, one respondent was bang on when they called it the *spark*. 

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Because whatever you’re into, and whatever you prioritise in the bedroom, that subjective *spark* is what really gets us going. To me, it’s an intoxicating mix of physical attraction, mental compatibility and similar sexual tastes. 

In my experience it’s as rare as orgasming at the same time as your partner, but when you find it… Oh, it is abso-f***ing-lutely out of this world! 

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