28 homeware items the Mamamia team are eyeing up right this very second.

Clothes aren't the only things we're buying during these end of financial year sales

From cute decor that will add a little ~something~ to our living rooms to investment pieces that will last a lifetime, the Mamamia team are on the hunt for some new homeware items. 

Here are 28 things we have at the top of our wishlist, in order of price. 

But first, here's how to make any room look bigger. Post continues after video.

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Unicorn Superfoods Palm Tree Spoon, $13.20.

"I'm a simple girl with very cheap taste. I have been adoring these spoons forever. Should probably just buy some..." - Rikki Waller, Strategic Partnerships Manager.

Image: Unicorn Superfoods.


Target Deco Pattern Bath Towel, $15.

"These dark green towels are at the top of my wishlist. They're affordable and a really luxe-looking colour." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Target.

Sallskaplig champagne coupe four-pack, $15.99.

"I spotted these champagne glasses on Instagram and fell in love. Plus, I couldn't go past the price - they look so expensive but aren't!" - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Ikea.


In the Roundhouse Mi Scusi, $29.

"I want a few of these plates for my dining room." - Andi McDermott, Strategy Manager.

Black Blaze Column Pillar Candle Duo in Peach, $36.

"I've been after some of these candles for a while, I feel like candles and candlesticks make your space feel instantly fancy and chic, even if the rest of your house is second hand or from IKEA." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: The Iconic.


Missoni Home Yavo 159 Towel, starting at $44.

"I have been getting my house set up for interstate guests and my guest bathrooms are very white. I just saw these Missoni towels went on sale so I purchased them for a nice pop of colour. Plus, they last forever." - Isobel Paine, Strategy Manager.

Image: Spence and Lyda.

Astrid Wilson Tunis, starting at $50.83.

"I've loved these prints for ages and have two of them sitting in my cart, ready to go. I really should just buy them already." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Urban Outfitters Tabletop Tri-Panel Vanity Mirror, $60.

"Quite simply, it's beautiful. I'm one minute away from adding to cart." - Lucy Neville, Production Manager and co-host of The Undone.

Image: Urban Outfitters.

Studio Billie Brooks Candle, $65.

"I'm after another candle!" - Alyssa-Jane Ivery, Membership Manager.

Image: X


Bordallo Pinheiro set of four cabbage earthenware bowls, $80.

"I'm searching for new pasta bowls and I love the Bordallo Pinheiro fruit/veggie shaped ones - they're so fun. They are on my list." - Isobel Paine, Strategy Manager.

Image: Matches Fashion.

Maison Balzac J'ai Soif Carafe Set in Opaque Bleuet, $89.

"I want this carafe set from Maison Balzac. I love the colour." - Emmeline Peterson, Podcast Producer.

Image: David Jones.


Luxe & Humble cushions, DM for price.

"I'd love some custom cushions from this Lady Startup Luxe & Humble in Moree. All homemade. Beautiful quality." - Lize Ratliff, Head of Podcasts.

Billie Justice Thomson Cherry Ripe print, $90.

"After this print for the kitchen." - Andi McDermott, Strategy Manager.


Image: Billie Justice Thomson.

Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp, $136.

"I've had my eye on this lamp for SO LONG. I love the vintage feel, but it's not as expensive as the designer ones. One day..." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: Urban Outfitters.


Clr Yin Yang Classic, $139.

"Obsessed with these throws." - Renny Beazley, Senior Video Producer.

Image: clrclr

The Barney Bed Bouclé Cover, starting at $145.

"Peak dog mom: all I want is this bougie dog bed for my golden retriever." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.


ASSOULINE Palm Beach Book, $152.

"I've been eyeing off these Assouline coffee table books for probably over six months now. I love the bright colours and all the pretty photos inside. I know I'll have them forever so I might just bite the bullet and get one!" - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


TBOYUAN RGB Floor Lamp, $158.78.

"I'm looking at extending my apartment to make a little area that I can vibe in." - Emily Vernem, Audience Development Executive and co-host of The Undone.

Image: Amazon.


vidaXL Console Table with 2 Drawers 120x30x75 cm Solid Fir Wood, $172.99.

"I've been looking for an industrial style hall table for ages and this one is currently sitting in a shopping cart!" - Claire Murphy, host of The Quicky.

Image: Vida XL.

Catherine Hiller print, $195.

"I splurged on a limited edition print from Catherine Hiller when I moved into my new apartment and it honestly brings me so much joy! Now I've been eyeing off getting a pair but I haven't bitten the bullet yet." - Simone Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Catherine Hiller.


Milk and Sugar Ivy Table Lamp, $219.95.

"The algorithm served this lamp and now I can't stop thinking about it. Soooo close to buying." - Leigh Campbell, Executive Editor.

Image: Milk and Sugar.

The Barney Bed, starting at $280.

"We have the standard Barney Bed cover but are thinking to buy the fancy bouclé one too." - Amy Brooker, Senior Sales Manager.


Koala Virtue Office Chair, $290.

"Since spying it on Leigh Campbell's Instagram, I really want this plush Koala desk chair." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Koala.

Temple & Webster Oscar Solid Oak TV Unit, $399.

"I would also love a new TV unit and this one has me FROTHING, because my current one is dark, wonky and falling apart." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Temple & Webster.


Curated Spaces Custom Marble and Perspex Coffee Table, $625.

"I want this coffee table so bad! I love the combination of the pink stone with the perspex." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: Curated Spaces.

Vicky Yao Faux Floral Orchid Pot Flower Arrangement, $659.

"I really want to splurge on some lush orchids for the house… that I won’t kill." - Tarryn King, Sales Manager.

Image: Vicky Yao.


McMullin & co. Beatrix Bed Head, $1299.

"I really want this bedhead. Honestly, I want a lot of things but I live in a tiny studio and have no space to actually put anything." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: McMullin & co.

Kerrie Jeffs A Woman of Conscience, $1800.

"I've been wanting to invest in an artwork from this painter, Kerrie Jeffs, for some time. But we're renovating our house and art comes last! Maybe I'll settle for a print." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.


Image: Kerrie Jeffs.

What homeware items are you after? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Mamamia.

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