From fashion to homewares: 12 very cool brands started by Australian mums.

It's undeniable that after you become a mum, things change.

Things like your values and priorities will shift. You might even reconsider what your life will look like going forward.

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Lots of mums find themselves rethinking their career post-baby. For some, it might be the desire to change industries. While for others, there's a newfound motivation to start something of their own. 

For these 12 women, it was the latter.

Ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday, here are 12 women who started businesses after becoming mums - and where you can shop their beautiful products. 

Willow by the Sea


Willow by the Sea is a 100 per cent organic mum and baby skincare collection, made in small batches in Newcastle. After living in New York with their daughter Willow, parents Corina and Luke discovered a gap in the market and started making baby products with no nasties included.

All products are certified organic, cruelty-free and Willow-approved. Cute.

Mama Movement

After becoming a mum, Faye learned to love her new postpartum body. And in the process, she started activewear label Mama Movement.

"I started this business to put more body positive messaging into the world through colourful and high performance activewear that celebrated our beautiful bodies," Faye told Mamamia.



Ciara and Elle started SŚAINT PARFUM, a collection of cruelty-free, clean, gender-neutral fragrances, after giving birth to their babies. The scents, and their chic, sustainable packaging, are made locally in Sydney.

Saturday The Label

Shani Tomkins created Saturday the Label in 2018, after having her first baby. The lingerie is colourful, flattering and comes in various styles and fabrications, depending on your preference. 

By Kat Deluca


Experiencing postnatal anxiety after the birth of her son, Kat started a clothing label to empower women going through similar struggles. 

$1 from every item sold goes directly to PANDA, which Kat hopes will help the organisation grow and support women suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety.

Irving & Powell


Despite working for some of the biggest designers in the world, including Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch, Victoria still couldn't find the perfect, effortless shirt. So after having her kids, she started a clothing line to cater to her needs - and Irving and Powell was born.


14 months into motherhood, while in rehab recovering from joint replacement surgery, Anu started her ethical jewellery label Bidiliia.

"My rheumatoid arthritis took a turn for the worst, and in the midst of ill health, I found myself searching for small moments of joy - which for me, showed up in jewellery. It was my little dose of sparkly happy," Anu told Mamamia

"But I also found that high quality, affordable jewellery was impossible to find. Once I figured [out] that you can make high quality, ethically-made jewellery affordable, I started the groundwork for Bidiliia."

Fuller Moments


A few months after her daughter was born, Danushi launched her business Fuller Movements. With Danushi's qualification as a psychologist, Fuller Movements offers resources, journals and programs to help people grow and develop.

Liandra Swim

While on maternity leave, Liandra Gaykamangu started designing pieces for her swimwear label Liandra Swim. 

The bikinis and one-pieces (which can be purchased separately to mix and match) combine Aboriginal Australian culture with on-trend swimwear. Plus, all the pieces and packaging are eco-friendly.


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Missy Massy

After becoming a mum, Susie Taaffe wanted to solve one of fashion’s most painful problems: chafe. So she created a label specialising in comfy underwear, which she named Petti-pants. 

The underwear uses stretchy material to smooth bumps, eliminate chafe and be comfortable to wear all day long.

Weave and Burrow


In a small home studio in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Ange handprints and naturally dyes textiles like placemats, totes and tea towels.

"After years of being ‘therapy’ mum for our little boy with Down syndrome, he started school, and I found creativity and working with my hands had a big impact on my mental health and wellbeing," Ange told Mamamia.

My Loxxi

Both first-time mums, Lina and Shantel started 'leap-based' subscription service My Loxxi. So every time your baby starts a new leap, a new goodie box is delivered to your doorstep. Clever.

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