From Heath Ledger to Margot Robbie: 12 celebrities you forgot were on Home and Away and Neighbours.

Have you ever noticed that precisely every Australian celebrity got their start in Summer Bay or Ramsay Street?

From Home and Away to Neighbours, some of the most famous Aussies working in Hollywood today got their start on Australian soap operas.

In fact, according to Insider, alumni from Home and Away and Neighbours have won and been nominated for countless Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammys. (Oh, and who could forget the Logies, right?)

Margot Robbie spoke to The Project about leaving Neighbours in 2018. Post continues below.

We decided to look back at some of the celebrities that got their start on the two Australian TV shows.

Here’s what we discovered:

Russell Crowe (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Russell Crowe. Image: IMDB/Getty.

After moving from New Zealand to Australia, Russell Crowe appeared in four episodes of Neighbours in 1987 as the mullet-toting ex-con Kenny Larkin.

After gaining traction in the Australian film industry, Crowe went on to have success in the entertainment industry abroad.

Across his career, the 56-year-old is well known for his roles in Gladiator, Les Miserables, and A Beautiful Mind, and has won a slew of awards including a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

Chris Hemsworth (Home and Away)

home and away cast
Chris Hemsworth. Image: Channel Seven/Getty.

Who could forget Chris Hemsworth's time on Home and Away?!

(Seriously, he was actually our crush back in the day).

Hemsworth played Kim Hyde on the show from 2004 to 2007. He also appeared in one episode of Neighbours as Jamie Kane in 2002.

Since departing the soap opera, Hemsworth has became a familiar face in Hollywood, appearing in The Avengers, Thor, and Snow White and the Huntman, just to name a few.

Liam Hemsworth (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Liam Hemsworth. Image: IMDB/Getty.

While Chris Hemsworth had a lengthy role on Home and Away, Liam Hemsworth had a stint on Ramsay Street.

The Australian actor played Josh Taylor in Neighbours from 2007 to 2008, before making his American film debut in The Last Song opposite his now ex-wife Miley Cyrus.

The 30-year-old is also well known for his roles in The Hunger Games, The Duel, and Independence Day: Resurgence.

Kylie Minogue (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Kylie Minogue. Image: IMDB/Getty.

From 1986 to 1988, Kylie Minogue played the permed hair-toting Charlene Robinson on Neighbours.

During her stint on the show, her on-screen marriage to Scott Robinson was watched by more than 20 million people worldwide.

While appearing on the show, Minogue also landed a record deal and well, the rest is history.

Dannii Minogue (Home and Away)

home and away cast
Dannii Minogue. Image: YouTube/Getty.

Much like the Hemsworth brothers, Kylie Minogue's younger sister, Dannii Minogue also appeared on an Australian soap.

From 1989 to 1990, Minogue appeared on Neighbours as Emma Jackson, before going on to become a pop star.

She also later became a judge on a number of reality shows, including The X Factor and The Voice Australia.

Margot Robbie (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Margot Robbie. Image: IMDB/Getty.

Before she was starring in Oscar-nominated films like Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood and Bombshell, Margot Robbie starred on Neighbours.

Robbie played Donna Brown on the Australian soap from 2008 to 2011, before her breakout role in Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013.

Since then, Robbie has appeared in countess films including Suicide Squad, I, Tonya, and Mary Queen of Scots.

Isla Fisher (Home and Away)

home and away cast
Isla Fisher. Image: IMDB/Getty.

Isla Fisher starred as Shannon Reed in Home and Away from 1994 to 1997.

Since then, the Hollywood actress has appeared in Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Definitely, Maybe, and she had a role on the TV show Arrested Development.

Delta Goodrem (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Delta Goodrem. Image: IMDB/Getty.

From 2002 to 2005, Delta Goodrem played shy school girl and aspiring singer Nina Tucker on the show.

The role, which landed the now 35-year-old the Logie for Most Popular New Talent in 2003, also helped launched the singer's music career.

After 'Born To Try' premiered on the soap, the song quickly reached number one on the ARIA Single Chart, before Goodrem's debut album Innocent Eyes debuted at number one on the ARIA Album Charts.

Since Neighbours, Goodrem has released a number of albums, become a judge on The Voice Australia, and portrayed Olivia Newton-John in biopic Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You in 2018.

Naomi Watts (Home and Away)

home and away cast
Naomi Watts. Image: Channel Seven/Getty.

In 1991, Naomi Watts had a short stint on Home and Away. Watts starred as Julie Gibson on the show, who was in a wheelchair following a car accident.

Following her time on the show, Watts struggled to get her big break in Hollywood until she appeared in Mulholland Drive in 2001.

Since then, the Academy Award nominated actress has appeared in King Kong, Birdman, and TV show The Loudest Voice.

Heath Ledger (Home and Away)

home and away cast
Heath Ledger. Image: Channel Seven/Getty.

In 1997, Heath Ledger famously played bad boy Scott Irwin on Home and Away.

During his time on the show, Ledger had an on-screen fling with Sally Fletcher, who was played by Kate Ritchie.

Just two years later, Ledger went on to star in 10 Things I Hate About You, before appearing in Brokeback Mountain, A Knight's Tale and The Dark Knight as the Joker.

The Australian actor passed away in 2008, following an accidental overdose.

Natalie Imbruglia (Neighbours)

home and away cast
Natalie Imbruglia. Image: YouTube/Getty.

From 1992 to 1994, Natalie Imbruglia played Beth Brennan on Neighbours.

While Imbruglia has had a few acting gigs, including an appearance in Johnny English, the 45-year-old is most well known for her music career.

(Seriously, who could forget 'Torn'?)

Guy Pearce (Home and Away and Neighbours)

home and away cast
Guy Pearce. Image: YouTube/Getty.

Long before making his break in Hollywood, Guy Pearce spent 1991 to 1992 in Summer Bay on Home and Away.

From 1986 to 1989, the actor played Mike Young on Neighbours.

Since then, Pearce has appeared in a long list of movies, including Memento and The King's Speech.

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