A reminder Chris Hemsworth was on Dancing with the Stars and these images will haunt you.


The brand new cast of the 2019 season of Dancing with the Stars has been announced today, leading to quite a bit of excitement around which celebs will be awkwardly trotting across the dance floor this year.

Big names on the list include former The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges, author and blogger Constance Hall, and comedian and TV presenter Denise Scott.

HOWEVER, at this time I need to draw your attention to another Dancing with the Stars contestant, one who the years and the public seem to have forgotten about but who should still hold a special place in our hearts.

At this time, I think we are all in need of a gentle reminder that Chris Hemsworth participated on Dancing with the Stars in the 2006 season when he was starring on Home and Away. Not just participate, mind you, he was there for blood and glory with a steely determination in his eyes that even Thor himself, the God of Thunder, could never hope to replicate.

Since he has now become a Hollywood superstar and a leading man in the Marvel universe, I’m sure he would like us all to forget that time he shimmied valiantly across the dance floor and then was sent home with a crushed soul and a broken spirit.

But we do not forget, Chris, we will never forget…


Chris Hemsworth on Dancing with the Stars in 2006...this is not a man who showed up to muck around. He was there to win. Source: Channel Seven.

Chris and his dance partner, Abbey Ross, placed sixth in the competition.

Now, I cannot be too sure about this next part, but I think it can be traced back to the fact that he cannot dance.


Abbey Ross and Chris Hemsworth in Dancing With The Stars. Source: Channel Seven.

As Abbey Ross wrote for Mamamia about her time partnering with Chris on the reality show and the attention it still brings her: "He was no good at dancing. My experience of Chris Hemsworth was always positive. A superhuman with a bloody good work ethic, a happy disposition and a big heart.

"And after all his success I’m sure he’s still that down to earth bloke with a pocket full of dreams. I’m also confident he would still be able to recite every single word from the movie Point Break, and never have any cash on him, so you’re the one who has to shout him a coffee!"

"Chris Hemsworth participated on Dancing With The Stars for blood and glory." Source: Channel Seven.

Unfortunately, Chris and Abbey were booted out of the competition after a failed go at the cha-cha-cha. Anthony Koutoufides and his partner Natalie Lowe won the series, with Arianne Caoili and her partner Carmelo Pizzino runner-ups.

Chris Hemsworth on Dancing with the Star is the hero we need to remember. Source: Channel Seven.

He may be known now as an Avenger, but in our hearts, he will always be a Dancing Star.


The star of our hearts, Chris Hemsworth. Source: Channel Seven.