MAFS star Holly Greenstein froze 2 embryos with her partner. Then he changed his mind.

Holly Greenstein found fame on the 2022 season of Married At First Sight, where she grew an Instagram following for standing up to her controversial groom, Andrew Davis, and for speaking about her desire to become a mother.

After the season aired, Holly revealed she had found love with new partner Fred. But she's now delivered another update to her Instagram followers: they have recently split.

In a tearful four-part video, Holly opened up about her attempts to become a mum in the years since MAFS, revealing she'd undergone several rounds of IVF before she and Fred ended things.

Holly and Andrew on MAFS. Image: Nine. 


"Unfortunately, the things I wanted to happen in my life didn't happen," she began.

"I basically went on the show [MAFS] saying, 'I want a baby, I want a committed relationship.' I did meet someone who was an amazing partner: we travelled, he wanted the best for me, we got along, there were many beautiful aspects to our relationship."

Holly said that despite their relationship being in its early stages, she pushed forward with IVF

"He made it quite clear that he wasn't in the zone to have a baby. And I said, 'Look, in order to get in this research clinic, it's gonna take time,'" she said.

"I did five rounds of IVF resulting in two frozen embryos."

Watch Holly's first Instagram Reel. Post continues after video.

Video via Instagram/@hollygreenstein.

But Holly noted that during the IVF process, her partner's attitude towards her seemed to change.


"My partner wasn't that supportive and I couldn't understand why," she said.

"I was so proud of myself for finally being on that journey, and I was so happy to be on that journey. I really wanted to be on that journey with Fred. I thought he would make an incredible father. He is already a father. I know how much he loves his kids... I wanted that for us."

After already freezing embryos together, Fred pulled Holly aside to have a conversation.

"He said that he loved me, he wanted to be in a relationship with me, and was hoping by the end of the journey, that he would want the same things as me," she said.

"But cutting a long story short... in the end, he didn't want to have a baby."  

Even though the couple had split, they still went on a planned trip to Egypt together before they went their separate ways.


Holly and Fred started dating as MAFS was airing in February 2022, and soon moved in together and travelled the world. Holly recently moved in with a new housemate, and is staying positive.

"It's a really good place for me. It's really positive. I'm doing okay," Holly said in one video.

"This is the beginning of the rest of my life… I'm trying to stay positive and stay tuned for all the great things to come in my life."

Holly's post was flooded with comments from followers and former MAFS contestants, all sending their love and praising her for being so honest about her recent heartbreak.

"Sending you the biggest hugs Holly," wrote Selina Chhaur. 

"Sending the biggest hug," Jules Robinson added.

Image: Instagram/@hollygreenstein.

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