A boy came back from school with a note of praise. But it has divided parents.


An Australian school boy was sent home from school with a note praising his lunch and everyone’s a little bit… Divided.

The note, shared by the boy’s parent in a Facebook group, is addressed to “Ben’s lunch” and praises his family for packing him a lunch of “great healthy food”.

healthy school lunch note
Image: Facebook.

According to the parent, the lunch consisted of chopped up carrot, apples, cucumber and cheese, piklets and a Vegemite and cheese wrap, so yeah, it's pretty healthy.


While promoting healthy eating is great, the note's intentions have been questioned by others in the group.

"I know teachers are trying to promote healthy habits but this is so condescending," wrote one user.

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Others said they would've been appreciative to receive a similar note from their child's teacher.

"This is awesome. Too often we see on Facebook about parents being told the food they sent to school isn't acceptable," said one group member.

"It's fantastic that this school is taking the opposite approach [to lunch box shaming], hopefully more will do this than what has been going on," wrote another.

Lunch box shaming has become increasingly common in recent years.

Just last month mum Laura Lee said she was at a loss to explain why her son’s lunchbox has been criticised by his school, posting a photo in the comments section of a Cornwall Live post,

Lee shared a photo of the contents, which showed three mini chocolate chip biscuits, as part of a balanced meal.