Why an Instagram influencer is being mocked for her "ridiculous" business class photo.


When it comes to getting a good Instagram snap, some influencers will go to any length in the name of likes.

And for social media star and photographer Harimao Lee, it’s no different.

The Hong Kong influencer has been mocked mercilessly online after sharing an incredibly over-the-top mid-flight photo from business class.

Sitting on a Cathay Pacific flight to Rome while sipping champagne, Harimao sits under carefully draped fairy lights.

We have just one question: Why?


“I wonder how much time and effort was spent preparing this photo compared to actually looking out of the window… it just looks a bit hollow,” one person commented on the Instagram post.

Twitter users agreed too, with many questioning why Harimao would take fairy lights on the flight in the first place.

“What the actual f*ck? Who in their right mind brings fairy lights on a plane?” Twitter user Akinsoul wrote yesterday.




Another commenter pointed out that the influencer was even sitting backwards in her business class seat, leading to more confusion.


The Hong Kong-based photographer, who has a hefty 127,000 followers on Instagram, has incorporated fairy lights in her shots before.

She even posed draped in the battery-powered fairy lights while overlooking Manaola in Italy.