The cake Hamish Blake just made for Sonny's birthday is unlike anything we've ever seen.

Last year, the unexpected cake creating and decorating skills of resident funny man Hamish Blake surprised us, to say the least.

He was armed with fondant, precision, and a not so quiet confidence that his vision would somehow become what was a very successful Mack Truck birthday cake for his son, Sonny.

The truck had an expressive face, it was accurately angled, and Blake also somehow managed to engineer… hinges. It was safe to say he had outdone himself, and so for Sonny’s fourth birthday this year, he planned to do the same.

Listen to Zoe Foster Blake speak about how she manages her phone time when Sonny is around. (Post continues after audio.)

Announcing his quest to make a ‘Slimer Cake’ for Sonny on his Hamish and Andy podcast, his plans were officially set in stone. He assured us this year’s cake would be bigger and better than last, adding that this one would literally spit slime – yum! Though the public reacted with equal parts excitement and nausea, we eagerly awaited the final result.

He documented the entire cake making process on his Instagram story, which began after six layers of cake were stacked on top of one another.


Then, after dextrously inserting a tube through the chocolate cake, the universe was graced with this marvellously unique creation…

Just your typical before and after shot. Image via @hamishblakeshotz Instagram story.

It's a... cake? Either that or something straight out of my nightmares. So in that respect, the birthday cake was most definitely a victory and a commendable effort from Blake.

So, uh, we don't mean to rush you Hame, but you better start planning for next year's cake if you want to top this one. No pressure!