Hamish Blake attempted the impossible for Sonny's birthday cake. And it worked.

He actually did it.

For the past three weeks Hamish Blake has been talking about the cake he was going to make *cough* assemble *cough* for Sonny’s third birthday party, and it looks like the radio funny man actually pulled it off.

Is that edible glue for the edible hinge? Image via Instagram.

On Friday's Hamish and Andy show, the radio host said there would be two cakes at Saturday's party, one made by a professional - which his wife Zoe Foster-Blake had dubbed the 'back up cake' - and one made by him.

During the segment Hamish also explained that the cake, which is a replica of a Mack Truck, would need to have an edible hinge, so the back door can be opened and closed and turned into a ramp.

PROGRESS. Image via Instagram.

Although his radio co-host Andy Lee had his doubts about whether Hamish could actually put together bake the cake, images posted to his Instagram story this morning prove that the cake does, in fact, exist.

MORE PROGRESS. Image via Instagram.

We don't yet have confirmation that the 'edible hinge' is actually a thing that works, but the end result looks pretty damn impressive.

Good work, Hamish (and Happy Birthday Sonny).

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