Hamish Blake tries to take 'candid' holiday photos of Zoe. Fails spectacularly.

In case you don’t follow every single move Zoe Foster Blake makes on Instagram (I mean… neither do we…) the beauty entrepreneur and author is currently enjoying a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

Our thoughts are with you during this tough time, Zoe.

Of course, the 37-year-old is being kept company by her husband Hamish and their two adorable kids.

Which means, not only are we getting an extra dose of cute thanks to pictures of three-year-old Sonny and five-month-old Rudy dosing up the sun, but we’re also getting a side serving of hilarity.


You see, Zoe is actually on a work trip and must photograph and write about every detail of the trip. Naturally, she asked husband Hamish to help.

But things didn’t ENTIRELY go to plan when Zoe asked her husband of five years to help her snap some pics of her snorkelling.

Sharing the results on Instagram, Zoe said she had asked Hamish one, simple question: “Honey could you please grab a vid of me snorkelling?”

When she got back to the hotel and checked the camera roll, this is what she found:


Instead of capturing the moments where (we're assuming) Zoe looked like a beautiful, graceful mermaid whose second home was the ocean, Hamish managed to click the camera button at the EXACT. WRONG. TIME.

Moments when the snorkel was tangled in her hair, or when she was coughing and spluttering up sea water.

But Hamish is not alone in his photography blooper - this mistake is made by nearly all husbands and partners who are dubbed the 'resident photographer' on every trip.


Sure, we know snapping endless pics of someone else standing in front of an Italian sunset, or casually sipping a cup of coffee in Paris isn't the most fun of holiday activities.

But an 'Instagram husband' is as much a travel accessory as a spare pair of undies. Or sunscreen. Or an extra 10GB of data to upload ALL OF THE PICS to Instagram.

Rest assured, Zoe, Hamish's 'Instagram husband' fail is not the only one that's occurred this week.

To make you feel better, here's a selection of images my husband (both real and Instagram) has snapped of me during recent months:


I'll take awkwardly snorkelling in a tropical paradise any day, thanks.

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