Hamish Blake's birthday message for his son is the sweetest thing we've read all year.

Okay. This post will not change the world. It will not solve climate change. Or the refugee crisis. Or the megalomaniac (sociopath… psychopath…) in the White House.

It also won’t make my journalism university lecturer (hello Doug!) particularly proud.

However, it will make you feel all tingly in your atria and ventricles (your heart, I’m talking about your heart) and therefore I refuse to apologise for putting it on the interwebs.

So let’s proceed.

Ahem. Today Sonny Blake – the offspring of kickarse Aussie couple Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake – is celebrating his very important fourth birthday. And on his fourth birthday, his comedian dad decided to write precisely what his son means to him.


“I’m very lucky. I’ve got to be a lot of things in my life. Casual video store employee, theme park customer, uninvited guest at Bollywood wedding, pet fashion show judge, heavyweight body building champion, innocent bystander, guilty bystander, That Guy From That Thing, number 2 seed at high school table tennis, on the phone to someone near the Oscars… the glittering list goes on,” the 36-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“Of all the things I’ve got to be though, nothing comes close to getting to be a Dad.”

Good… god this is beautiful.

“And this guy got me into it. I owe him a debt I can probably never explain to him, but will attempt to partially repay via making an elaborate cake. Happy 4th birthday to my best mate, my favourite guy in the world, the guy who makes me rethink the world and roar with laughter everyday, my Sonny boy.”

I swear, there is nothing more goddamn gorgeous than the unrelenting love a parent has for their child.